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Most Dangerous Team in IPL

4 Most Dangerous Team in IPL

IPL is the new religion of all the sports freaks in the country and outside. The highly competitive nature of the game keeps their fans glued to the TV screens. “most dangerous team in ” It’s not just a game but a whole experience of thrill and excitement. Since the new season is almost on the door, fans have started gearing themselves up to support their favourite teams. Fans are experts in speculating the direction of the game. Following the match closely, the fans can tell the game’s focus and better judge who will win be the next title. Some of the most dangerous team in IPL are always looked upon by their followers as potential contenders. 

Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians have an excellent record of playing dangerously well and be a flag bearer of the dangerous team in IPL. The team doesn’t fail to update itself in the term of improvement and performance. Captain Rohit Sharma displays exuberant leadership skills. His ability to build a strong foundation within the team has made Mumbai Indians one of the most dangerous team in IPL to complete. Players like Rohit Sharma, Kieron Pollard have been associated with the team for extended periods. The team performed very well on the field last season too. It will be interesting to see their performance this season too.

4 Most Dangerous Team in IPL

Chennai Super Kings

Talking about the most dangerous team in IPL, how can we not count Chennai Super Kings. The uncompromising approach to fetch the goal made them win the IPL Championship. The record of previous failures didn’t stop the team from coming back like a lion. The performance of Chennai Super King has a lot to do with MS Dhoni‘, the most Furious and the most supportive captain. He can be considered the primary reason for the outstanding performance CSK gives.

Dhoni shows up with just the right strategy at the right time that team needs. It might be right to say that the dangerous mind of the captain makes a furiously performing team. After suffering a shocking exit from the earlier rounds of the tournament, the team got bullied by other groups in UAE. Even Dhoni failed his promise, but one player alone can’t run the entire business. The management decided to bring Krishnappa Gowtham, Moeen Ali, Cheteshwar Pujara, Hari Shankar, Reddy Bhagat, Verma, and C Hari Nishanth. Introducing Pujara into the team changed the game for Chennai Super Kings. Pujara is a slow player in the format of T20, but he can play a good role for a structure like IPL.

Kolkata Knight Riders

Who doesn’t remember the bad performance of KKR initially when IPL was started. The initial failures could not stop KKR from grabbing rank in the list of the most dangerous team in IPL. The group reformed its strategy that was supposably a good decision. A well-reformed approach and reshuffle of the couple established the kings into the game. KKR rise with a brilliant performance in the matches.

Though the team stumbled in their performance, Nitish Rana performed considerably well, followed by Eoin Morgan and Shubham Gill. But the version alone could not have done anything to save the team from slumping. This season will be an exciting season for the team as Andre Russell might be joining the team, and he is a terrific player that the team needs. Shakib Al Hasan is returning to the team. He is a reliable all-rounder, and Russell is an excellent batsman. it will be attractive if the team will still be able to hold a position as a most dangerous team in IPL

Kings 11 Punjab

The performance of Kings 11 Punjab has changed drastically. After Chris joins the team, Kings 11 Punjab has Rose playing dangerously well team in IPL. Might the team made some wrong decision earlier, but the introduction of Chris to the team proved to be just the right decision. Other than Gale, Melon is also a meaningful name. Together, both of them have given outstanding contributions to the team compared to the performance Kings 11 was giving earlier. Players like Riley Meredith, Fabian Allen, and Dawid Malan proved themselves catalysts for Rising Kings as a dangerously playing team in IPL. We can now say that the team has standard its level of performance and has genuinely started looking like the most dangerous team in IPL. 

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