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best bowlers for world t20


Everyone somehow focuses on the good batsmen for the world T20 matches, but bowlers can change the whole outcome of the match. Bowlers are not given much consideration, but if we see, they are the ones who can rotate the whole game in their hands. 

We all know about the craze for the T20 matches. They tend to happen in the shortest format but are the most exciting ones for our cricket fans. There are exhilarating moves made by our players, which makes the game much spicier till the end. 

The people who enjoy cricket and watch it on daily basis also enjoy fantasy cricket matches. They get to know all the players who are eligible for playing, and also they track the information for all the players. We should always know what is the performance of the players in the matches and how are they performing recently in them.

Let us look at some of the best bowlers that could be looked upon for the world T20 2021.


He is a well-known famous player for his spinning style bowling. He keeps the wickets tumbling for the batsmen and making the players out of the field. He is a nightmare for any batsmen and in every type of match held, be it IPL, Big Bash, or any type. No batsmen can tolerate or handle the bowling of Rashid Khan. No batsmen could score much of the runs in front of him. He has some unique bowling styles that any other bowler cannot copy. 

He is a bowler, which every team wants to have, and has a good supreme ability to knock out the batsmen.


He is the Aussie Pacer and has this unique skill to run down fiercely to knock out every wicket he sees in front of him. He is like a dream to any team, and any team would want him with his skills. He is a tough competition to many bowlers and players for other teams. 

The player is wanted by many of the teams, but the Australian team is lucky enough to have the player with them. He has an extremely important role in the Australian team if they have to win the maiden T20 world cup, which is huge for any team. So, not losing the player at any cost is the goal for the team. 


He is the most famous player on the South African team and is a spinner. He is known to be currently the number one bowler for T20. Also, he is leading the Proteas bowling attack. The player tends to have this uncanny behavior where he believes in striking the few loose deliveries, and then he wants the support from some of the apt players and some experienced bowlers. 

Also, the bowlers like Andre Nortje and Chris Morris are really important to the team. They have different charms that every bowler should carry with them to win the match.


He is an Indian bowler who has been loved for his bowling every time. He is famous for wicket-taking and an economical bowler who can be a game-changer for any game and can make the whole game in his hands. 

The Indian cricket team depends on the bowler for the initial innings as well as in the end innings of the match. He plays in a different style which makes the fans go crazy for him. He gives some of the jaw-dropping balls, which can make the people get mesmerized. He has also shown some of the historical records, which gives evidence to people that he is one of a kind. 

He is one kind of a gem for the Indian cricket team, and they can’t afford to lose a player like this one. He shows some great performances that any other player can never be brought back again. 


He is also a well-known bowler who makes a blast in the field with the balls he throws to the batsmen. Batters get real scared when a player like him comes in front of them. He has this amazing ability to knock down the batsmen with the middle wickets. 

He is usually chosen for the end time of the innings performed. He is also one of a player whose performance is just amazing. 


So these are some of the best bowlers that we can look upon to perform in the T20 match. They are the best any team could have and have the unique skills to cover the match with their bowling skills. 

We know all of them by their names and their work in the cricket fields. They have made their huge fan base from their bowling skills and can beat up any batsmen against them.