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Fantasy kabaddi


Fantasy kabaddi is all about raiding and defending. The raiders have to come up with their strategies to defend the opposing team. They have to play on the other half to score a touch point in the game. 

Defending takes a lot in the fantasy kabaddi game. Some certain players are best at their defending skills. In fantasy Kabaddi, there is a lot of need for defenders in the team because they can turn over the game if they showcase their defending skills. They can pin down the raiders from the opponent team when they come up. 

In this post, we can now focus and understand some of the different defending positions in fantasy kabaddi. All the seven players take different positions and come in their defending positions. 

So, starting from the first defending position. 


The players stand on the corners, and that is known to be the extreme positions in the game. The left and right corner positions are very crucial ones. These positions are really crucial because they have to start the tackling process in the game. Some strong defenders come for this position and showcase their skills. 


They are said to be the wall of the defense in the fantasy kabaddi game. These players or defenders usually take the center position when the turn for defending comes. They are mainly concerned about stopping the raiders primarily, the momentum of the raider in most of the tackles done in the game. They carry some brute strength with them to stop the raiders and complete their defending task. 


This position is usually taken by any third or that do or die raider wherein he is pinned down to the backline, and he plays a secondary role in the defending part of the game. We often see that the raider who seems to be the weakest in the game or any one of the main raiders is given this primary role. It is also seen that he will only come to this position if defending part is very important or has to be done necessarily in the game. 


The first and immediate player standing either in the left or right is said to be “in’s.” usually, the left raider has to take a right in position and the raider in the right has to take the left position. These roles are really broad and versatile so that they can interchange many times in that matter. 

Now, these are some of the defending positions that are occupied in the fantasy kabaddi game. The defenders have their place occupied so that they can pin down the raiders and make the victory for their team. Defending and raiding both need some skills and capabilities because certain players are assigned for this role. You got to play strong and fiercely when it comes to the game of kabaddi. 

Players have to make their skills more steady so that they can do their part in the game. These some of the defending positions are used mainly by the defenders so that they can showcase their skills and make good points in their game. 

Fantasy Kabaddi is one game that needs some comprehending with the game, and you can’t just come up and play the game. You need to understand the rules and regulations for the game, understand all the defending and raiding positions with the game, and come stronger to overcome the opponent teams in the game.


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