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biggest fantasy cricket blunders

Avoid the biggest Fantasy cricket Blunders

Players are most likely to commit some fantasy cricket blunders while playing the game. It usually leads to the loss of the players and their money. But, we can help you avoid some of the biggest fantasy cricket blunders you could make in your game. Because, as it is said, “precaution is better than cure.” The players should make their way clear from all the blunders and hurdles which could make them lose the game. 

Now, fantasy cricket has emerged to new heights and has millions of users. People are really into online gaming and making money out of it. People play fantasy cricket to win and earn money, but some of the blunders could make you lose a considerable amount. There are some very mundane mistakes that the players make, and they regret them later. If you are a vibrant player for fantasy cricket, keeping yourself out from these biggest blunders will make your future bright in the gaming area!

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biggest fantasy cricket blunders


One of the biggest fantasy cricket blunders that players make is they play every match. Most of the players try to attempt every game and play every game to increase their winnings. These players attempt to create a team without much knowledge or information regarding the players, and they follow someone’s strategy to make their team. This does not result in a good ending for their game. 

When you play fantasy cricket, then you must be having some robust capabilities for prediction. The player should always have proper knowledge about his team and all the other factors as well. So, to conclude, if you are a fantasy player, then you should stop playing all the matches. This could be your biggest fantasy cricket blunder in the game.


Another prevalent blunder made by the players is to select their players without any planning. It would be best to always choose your players based on a solid plan or a strategy that could work for a good game. It would be best to analyze the goals and factors made in the previous games to avoid repeating any mistakes. When selecting a particular player, you should always check their performances, points, recent matches, etc. Recent matches ‘ performance should always be checked because it shows how the player has been portraying his skills in the field in the last few days. Also, always see about the pitch conditions as well. It matters a lot for your good game. 


This is like one of the very common fantasy cricket blunders which people make while creating their team. Favoritism is not the key when you play in fantasy cricket matches. Every cricket fan would give a chance to their favorite player in their team, but this does not take them a long way. Their favorite player may not be in their best form and are not giving any good performances in the recent matches. 

Sometimes choosing your favorite player only would make you lose your game. You should check every player’s performance because the player’s version is what matters in fantasy cricket. 

Not updated with the new information. 

You should always stay updated with all the new information because if you are not, you have to pay a heavy price for that. If you are not carrying the current data with you, you must not have a good hand in the game. If you, by chance, miss any of the significant updates or any important information which have recently climbed up, then it could result in a huge blunder for you. Some of the last-minute changes could be made, like any injury of the player or some of the uncertain factors like this. As a result, if you are not updated with your information, you would have no time to make some significant changes in your team.

Giving more pay to some mediocre players

One of the colossal and common fantasy cricket blunders is that players tend to overpay the mediocre players, which should not be done. Don’t overbid the mediocre players who are not much talent and could make you lose your game. You should learn the process of letting go of players from your team. You can mistake missing out on the natural talent and could overpay any of the mediocre players. 


Don’t ever play in the mood of overconfidence that could lead to regret after the game. It is one of the huge fantasy cricket blunders that players think they could win every match they are playing. You should always invest your money according to a plan or a strategy. A player should not commit this blunder of not making any plan for their investment in the matches. They could keep the chance of losing money as well in the back of their mind. As it is said, don’t just keep on investing all the money in one place, that should never be done in the field of fantasy cricket


The mind of the fantasy cricket players is set on one goal that is earning money with the game. But it should not be the same always, and you have to keep it for entertainment purpose where you can earn money as well. Because when you lose, you have a hefty heart which makes you regret it. You should get motivated with the cash and prizes that you get from the game but not get overconfident and then play for the sake of money. 



So these are some of the tiny but massive fantasy cricket blunders that the players could make. They should always be cautious with these mistakes and have a good game with their whole heart. Players should never get overconfident about their game and play for entertainment purposes. Also, collect all the recent information which should be relevant. So avoid all the blunders and make your game a success and don’t forget to sharpen your skills this time!