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Top 5 Players Who Know What It Means To Be The Best Batsman In The World

Best Batsman in the World 2021| Top 5 Greatest Batsmen of All-time

Cricket has been developing at an exponential rate. A game that has been thriving for generations must possess a remarkable aspect that unites its fans in an unbreakable bond. Batting technique is yet another attribute of the game. Despite a lot of significant changes in cricket over the last century, hitters have primarily emerged as the show’s shining lights. To make runs against several leading bowlers, one needs valuable experience, intelligence, and perseverance. Today’s batsmen acknowledge the importance of exhibiting character in their independent versions, which poses a significant obstacle. Numerous smashing superstars have illustrated extraordinary perseverance in their prime and therefore have won the right to be considered among the best in the world. They fall under the category of players who truly know what it means to be the best batsman in the world

Best Batsman In The World

Who is The Best Batsman In The World?

1) Sachin Tendulkar

In 1989, Sachin made his first appearance for the Indian team versus Pakistan. He commenced his professional journey as a teenager and moved on from there to amass the most number of runs in world cricket.

Every exceptional athlete possesses the attribute of self-confidence. Sachin is yet another outstanding example of this. The confidence in your ability to execute and achieve your finest is something that will enable you to fight and endure even under the most heinous of circumstances. During the late 1990s, Tendulkar was reigning supreme. Along with the other 100s, one of the most memorable knocks has been versus Australians in 1998, it was branded the “Desert Storm.”

Far beyond his numbers on the charts, it’s his dependability that was respected, as he rose to prominence during the increasingly competitive global environment for 24 years and went on to become the best batsman in the world. Tendulkar, who is renowned as the Indian God Of Cricket, is a deserving addition to the roster of the world’s finest batsmen. Sachin Tendulkar’s era came to a close in 2013 spanning 200 Test Matches and 463 One Day Internationals.

2) Sir Vivian Richards

Also known as ‘King Viv,’ Vivian was a brave and magnificent batsman. He was at that time, the skipper of the West Indies during their most successful period in cricket.

During 1974, versus India, Sir Richards got recruited into the global cricket squad for the very first time. His magnetism and nonverbal cues frightened the bowling line-ups for the whole of his regime, which made perfect sense to everyone. He received too much attention after clubbing 291 runs versus England in 1976. He proceeded then to gather 8540 runs at an average of 50 in 121 test matches. His deadly knocks simply established that the world was going to witness the rise of the best batsman in the world.

In 187 One-Day International games, he garnered 6721 runs. The statistics are far more significant than the emphasis he positions on his squad. Richards was widely considered to be a cut above the rest of his teammates. He belonged to the rare category of smashers who could make the opposing side terrified of him.

3) Virat Kohli

The feisty Indian cricket skipper has earned recognition for his batsmanship and match-winning demeanour. Today, Virat is unquestionably the best batsman in modern times. His attitude and eagerness to gather runs in challenging as well as crucial circumstances provide plausibility towards his captaincy.

Although he has still yet to retire, his astounding accomplishments have secured him a place among the greatest batsmen ever. In 92 Test matches, the Delhi-boy has smothered 7547 runs.

In ODIs, Virat’s a present-day phenomenal, specifically for the uncompromising capability to hunt down goals. He has accumulated approximately 12000 ODI runs at the strike rate of about 60. In about 13 years of global cricket, India’s current skipper boasts of a record 70 hundreds.

4) Ricky Ponting

Ponting had to think about making difficult decisions as a kid to fulfil his cricketing ambitions. He quit playing soccer owing to an elbow ailment. He decided to drop out soon after. In his novel At Close of Play, Ponting stated, “It was a brave step I guess, but it was very obvious to everyone by then that cricket was the only thing I cared about.” With the kind of confidence that he had carried since childhood, it was sure that he’d one day grow up to become the best batsman in the world.

Ricky, an Australian hero, won a whole slew of honours throughout his tenure. The Australians won 3 World Cups one after the other under his command. In 168 matches for the national squad since starting his career versus Sri Lanka in 1995, the former captain tallied over 13k Test runs at an economy of 51.85.

Even after departing from the cricketing world in 2012, he has engraved an everlasting impression on everybody’s memories. Ponting is generally acknowledged among the best batsmen in the world, thanks to his immaculate pull shot.

5) Brian Lara

Brian Lara, the most dynamic and outspoken cricketer of his time, seems to be a champion to millions worldwide. A genuine aggressive approach and endless scoring range, combined with extraordinary psychosomatic endurance, resulted in some of cricket’s greatest and most fascinating knocks.

Brian Lara, one of the best left-handed cricketers in history, commenced his career with the West Indies against Pakistan in 1990. The lefthander was a ferocious batsman who unrelentingly pummeled the bowling line-up. He performed in 131 test games, accumulating 11953 runs with an economy of 52. In 299 One-Day Internationals, he managed to score 10495 runs with an unbelievable economy of 79.51 which was enough to prove that he’d by then become the best batsman in the world.

In his career span, the 52-year-old superstar built countless records, the most prominent appearance was the humongous individual total of 400* in Test cricket. Lara destroyed the English assault in 2004, smashing 400 runs in only 582 balls. Creativity, endurance, machismo, and exquisite stroke-making characterized the innings.

Cricket, also widely recognized as the “batsman’s game,” has enthralled and astounded viewers for generations with a wide range of elegant swings and techniques. Despite being only handed a willow, the best in the game hitters established a distinction for themselves through repeatedly whacking the game’s fiercest bowlers or taking a hard line in defense against the fearsome men with the cherry.

While we debate on who’s the best batsman in the world, numerous cricketers are making their way up the charts. Cricket is a sport full of surprises, we may never know from which corner of the world the next superstar might rise out of and win our hearts.

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