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Best Captain In The World

Best Captain In The World | 5 People Who Held The Title 

Best Captain In The World: Cricket, the most beautiful religion. A game that supersedes any caste, color, race, ethnicity, or nationality. Every game is played with 200% of sportsmanship and 300% of the competition. Started by England, this game of a bat, a ball, and 11 players of each team has diversified into such a vast romance, that there are cups, leagues, tournaments, challenges, championships, and whatnot. 

Out of this diversification, there are 3 most popular formats in which cricket can be played famously with their trophies too. Test cricket format (average duration: 3-5 days), One Day International format (average duration: 9 hours), and T20 cricket format (average duration: 3 hours).

Best Captain In The World

While, there are different formats, different daylights in which this game of ’22 yards’ can be enjoyed, there are captains around the world, who are the best among the best. The ‘Kohinoor’ of cricket and the leader of their domain. Let’s list out some most successful and eventually best captain in the world.

Best Captain In The world | Top 5 Players Who Enjoyed The Title

Ricky Ponting

The right-hand batsman with a career of 17 years devoted to cricket is considered one of the best captain in the world, along with the best batsman and the best fielder in cricket. For many years, Ricky Ponting led the Australian cricket team as captain. The greatest run-scorer in ODIs and tests in Australian cricket, he guided his country to two World Cup triumphs. Ricky Ponting earned prestige as a cricket whiz when he hit four centuries for the Under-13s in a Tasmanian cricket week and two more when promoted to the Under-16 team. He was rewarded captaincy of One Day International in 2002 and was part of the squad led by Steve Waugh which won the World Cup in 1999, later he led the team and did it himself in 2003 and 2007. 

Stephen Fleming

Stephen Paul Fleming led New Zealand and played cricket in all three forms. He has been one of New Zealand’s most successful Test captains throughout the country’s history. Fleming, who was born in Christchurch, was one of the team’s greatest top-order batsmen. Stephen Fleming drew a lot of attention early on in his career. In England’s tour of New Zealand in 1996-1997, Fleming scored his maiden Test century in the first test, while till the third test his performance was considered to be appreciable enough that he was made captain in between the series and became the youngest captain of New Zealand.

Graeme Smith

The name of Graeme Smith was the name that was uttered and memorized by even an Indian tongue in the early ’20s. This South African cricketer has served most matches in ODI as a captain as well as the most successful test captain in test cricket (53 wins), also Smith has played the most number of test matches as a captain in cricket history (108 matches) and the list of the record goes on and on and on. South Africa’s youngest captain at 22 years old, Smith started playing International Cricket at the age of 21. His first test match was against Australia, despite his 68 run innings, Australia took the wickets home as they were with then sensation Steve Waugh. 

Mahela Jayawardene

Mahela Jayawardene is one of the most well-known figures in international cricket, mostly for his captaincy abilities. His easy batting style made him a valuable asset to Sri Lankan cricket. Jayawardene, a Colombo native, with tact as a captain and skill as a batsman, was one of the most successful cricketers and best captain in the world of all time thanks to his talents. In addition, he is one of the most charitable cricketers of all time. 

Mahela was made captain in 2006 against the series with England and due to his exceptional performance throughout the year, he was also named as a captain of the World ODI XI by the ICC. While scoring his maiden test century in 2009 against Pakistan, Mahela has scored test centuries against all the test-playing nations. 

MS Dhoni

At last, the leader among leaders, the champion among champions and the king of the kings, the best captain in the world, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Now before you pick me out for biased fanboying, India has won the 2007 ICC World Twenty20 Cup, The Asia Cup in 2010 and 2016, The ICC World Cricket Cup in 2011, and the ICC Champions Trophy in 2013 under the captaincy of MS Dhoni. Other than that, Dhoni has played 350 ODI matches and scored 10773 runs becoming the 4th Indian cricketer who scored more than 10K runs. Dhoni is 3rd captain in the world to win 100 matches and also the first Indian cricketer to hit 200 sixes in One Day International while maintaining the most Not-Outs in ODI history (84). 

After that, it was a home run for the nation as India rose to No. 1 ranking in ICC Test Rankings in 2009. While maintaining the status as it is, one more feather of Most Successful Test Captain was added to Dhoni’s cap in 2013. Other than International cricket, MS dhoni also captains the IPL team known as Chennai Super Kings and has lifted the silver cup 3 times as well because successes aren’t second guesses, they are proof of your skills and for MS Dhoni, the world can see for itself, who is the best captain in the world.


Being the best captain in the world and keeping the title for a long time is not everyone’s cup of tea. And those few who get the title for best captain in the world are meant to do that on the basis of their exceptional skills. A captain is not the prize-puller of the team, but the most important aspect as he knows what no other team player knows about each other. While keeping the world and opposition at your fingertips, the world has seen too many amazing captains in the past and there are many more coming!