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biggest cricket stadium in world list

Top 10 Contenders For The Biggest Cricket Stadium In World

Cricket is unquestionably among the majority of famous games, so as a consequence, cricket grounds must be large enough to hold the growing list of loyal supporters and viewers who will travel thousands of kilometers to see the game live. Cricket offers some of the greatest arenas that get counted in the list for the biggest cricket stadium in world, something that many people are unaware of.

With championships held in various areas all across the globe, it has skyrocketed to challenge other popular games like football as a worldwide hotspot for Television broadcasts.

Take a look at the venues that claim to be the biggest cricket stadium in world:

1) Narendra Modi Stadium | Ahmedabad | India

It is the biggest cricket stadium in world with LED lighting systems rather than typical towering stadium lights, boasting a maximum seating of 1,32,000 spectators. The building was completed in 1983. Then decimated and rebuilt from scratch during 2020. The roofing is composed of a PTFE sheet and is built to be ultralight. Distinct from the seats so that it can resist tremors.

Biggest Cricket Stadium In World

Additionally, the superstructure doesn’t need any pillars, allowing fans to see the stadium from all viewpoints. The low-lying levels of the facility are also used for short-term purposes, and it features skywalk access to the nearby metro stop to minimize traffic problems.

2) Melbourne Cricket Ground | Melbourne | Australia

It seems to have seating of 1,00,024 and has become popularly known as ‘The G’. It had been established in 1853 and is known to have held numerous mega-events, such as the 1956 Summer Olympic games, the Commonwealth Games (2006), and the Cricket World Cups (1992 & 2015). The venue offers spectacular city views along with Yarra Park and is considered the biggest cricket stadium in world.

3 enormous glass corridors converge towards the 3 entries underneath the metal and glass roofing. The development of the Aussie Gallery of Sports, which has become an attribute of the National Sports Museum and includes immersive experience, is a unique platform of the remodeled venue.

3) Eden Gardens | Kolkata | India

It is India’s oldest cricket venue, going back to 1864, and has been regarded as ‘the Mecca of Indian cricket’. It seems to have capacities of 66,349 fans and it has staged both the World Cup as well as the Asia Cup, which is more than enough of an accomplishment to be declared the biggest cricket stadium in world.

The Eden siblings of Lord Auckland, who was then the governor-general of India. They were commemorated, and the stands were christened after notable Indian cricketers and army personnel.

4) Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium | Raipur | India

It was constructed in the year 2008 plus it has a total occupancy of 65,000 spectators.

The stadium is also the Delhi Capital’s 2nd home turf in the IPL. The facility is labelled after Veer Narayan Singh who commanded India’s freedom fight from Chhattisgarh during 1857.

The debut cricket match, a friendly game between Canada and the Chhattisgarh Ranji lineup, occurred in 2010. Although never previously having held a global tournament, it features recently renovated equipment and has been known to be the biggest cricket stadium in world.

5) Optus Stadium | Perth | Australia

It is a highly versatile arena with a maximum seating of 60,000 spectators, which launched in 2017.

It already has staged a range of important sports matches, along with massive cultural concerts and events. The placement, which is close to the Fremantle Sea, enables spectators to relish not just the scenery but additionally the fresh air, which facilitates to keep them cool throughout the extreme sun.

It’s indeed the nation’s latest Test-Cricket ground, and also the nation’s 2nd-greatest for the game. The arena had been an initiative that transformed the city’s neighborhoods into the biggest cricket stadium in world and a community hub.

6) Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium | Hyderabad | India

It boasts a seating of 60,000 fans and is headquarters to the IPL club Sunrisers Hyderabad. The biggest cricket stadium in world also has a holy place present within its frame to make sure that the local squad doesn’t play badly demonstrates that Indians regard cricket as a religious practice.

According to Vastu Dosh, the venue was believed to have been given an evil eye for the club due to defective locker-room alignments.

7) Greenfield International Stadium | Trivandrum | India

It was India’s first DBOT style open arena, featuring a seating of 55,000 fans when it opened in 2014. It indicates that for the initial 15 years, the Kariavattom Sports Facilities Limited (a commercial entity) administers the ground, which would be rented to the Kerala Cricket Association.

Indoor games including ping pong, badminton, and volleyball too are provided, along with an Olympics-size pool, a wellness center, and a club which make it the biggest cricket stadium in world. Then the maiden game of cricket was conducted during 2017, featuring India facing New Zealand.

8) Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium | Kochi | India

Back in the day, it used to be the biggest cricket stadium in world with a 55,000-seat potential which was established in 1966. The ceiling of the venue is composed of Galvalume sheets which is a type of roof structure manufactured from aluminum, zinc, and silicon that makes it corrosion resistant, coupled with an M.S. truss, making it a unique superstructure.

Moreover, the rooftop seems to have the ability to accommodate solar arrays that will be assembled shortly to help operate the stadium infrastructure.

9) DY Patil Sports Stadium |Navi Mumbai | India

It had been structured during 2008 and flaunts a seating of 55,000 fans, was developed by Hafeez Contractors. The venue has staged several IPL contests ever since its establishment and is also the headquarters of the Mumbai Indians. It has even played host to culturally significant gatherings including concerts.

The arena is distinguished by its outstretched full winged roofing. It allows an uninterrupted sight to everyone. The ceiling is of a German-imported fabric. Something that only the biggest cricket stadium in world would flaunt.

10) Adelaide Oval | Adelaide | Australia

It was constructed in the year 1871 and also has a seating space of 53,583. The facility has now become an emblem of Aussie sports infrastructure as well as a hallmark in architectural styling. Ever since the venue’s completion, the venue has become a hotbed of sociocultural events.

The venue is split into 3 structures, each one interacts with the external environment. The openings among the pavilions provide glimpses and links to the external environment, shattering the venue’s typical reclusive orientation and turning it into the biggest cricket stadium in world.

The ambience seems to be what lures fans over. The opportunity to become a member of an audience of 10,000 that’s roaring and celebrating, is extraordinary when watching a match at the biggest cricket stadium in world. When your favorite fielder misses an important chance to catch someone out, the united gasp is much too marvelous.

There seems to be no superior platform for individuals to express their exuberance than just to witness it happen in front of countless other fans.