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csk got banned for 2 years


Chennai super kings is one of the best teams competing in the Indian Premier League. They have an enormous fan following, and everybody has one question, which is shocking for the fans: Why was CSK banned for 2 years and also known as the no 1 fixing team in IPL. The team has always given very tough competition to the team of Mumbai Indians, which remains the champion for the IPL. Whenever the topic for IPL comes up, the first question arises in the people’s minds: why was CSK banned for 2 years because? Everybody loves the team! Now, if you also know the history of the Indian Premier League, you must also have the same question. We can help you in the case and get to the detailing for this. We can give some more information which could help you remove your curiosity as well. 

TEAM IN 2013

Chennai super kings won the title of IPL in two years of 2010 as well as 2011. The team always had superior performance and popularity all across the fans. They play in a manner that every team craves. Also, it is known to be a top-rated team and poses tough competition for every team in the IPL. Also, everyone’s favourite, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, served the captaincy for the team, which is why the team got immense support from their fans. The team was also high on the auction list every time. 

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In the year 2013, the team had topped the league and was having its performance on the top of the list. Mumbai Indians won in that season, but the Chennai Super kings gained much more popularity. It was always on top. The team had 21 crores of bids in the auction of 2014. Because of this, they got some of the very desired and admired players in the team. But the team lost the team of Mumbai Indians again in the year 2015. Everyone remembered that the team also got the title of no 1 fixing team in IPL as well.


There were most of the news regarding the spot-fixing in the IPL season of 2013. The team got involved in the spot-fixing. When it was the day of the finals, it was between the team of Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. Gurunath Meiyappan got arrested for the charges of spot-fixing. Also, Raj Kundra was arrested for the same charges, and he is the owner of team Rajasthan Royals. Then both the teams got banned from the IPL season for two years, which made the fans go in grief. Then there was an issue regarding both the teams in the aspect of spot-fixing, and then Rajasthan Royals and CSK got banned for 2 years and got the title of no 1 fixing team in IPL. 


The captain also went through some of the allegations in the case. He said that it was the darkest and the worst period of his career. He was very hurt and unhappy with all the allegations he had gone through. He was discouraged by all the allegations he and his team had regarding all the spot-fixing issues and match-fixing and also been known as the no 1 fixing team in IPL as well. He also said that he believes the biggest crime he could do is not murder but match-fixing. He refused his participation in any match-fixing as well. He said that troubles that do not destroy you just make you stronger!


All the fans were very disappointed that the team was going through the banning, and they could not see their favourite team on the field. CSK got banned for 2 years, and the fans were disturbed for 2 years and wanted the coming back of the team! The team got this opportunity to make a comeback in 2018 and just had a bang in that year. They gave a gallant performance that year, and everybody just forgot that CSK got banned for 2 years. They just had an amazing entry back again in the field and won the IPL cup that year, making their fans more proud of the team. 


People were expecting a lot from the team, and the team just got back on track and stood on the hopes and expectations of the people. They were mesmerized by the performance. 

This thing just made everyone forget about the issue of spot-fixing, and the fact that CSK was no 1 fixing team in IPL, MS Dhoni just changed the perspectives of people regarding his team.