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New to fantasy cricket? Don’t worry, and we will help you make you a pro! Just go through this guide for fantasy cricket. 

Fantasy cricket has emerged in the new world, like any other gaming. People are just so much obsessed with the idea of playing cricket that they want to learn about it. Cricket is like a religion in India, and people celebrate it in the country. 

Hey there, our cricket lovers. We would help you play your game and make you understand the whole concept of fantasy cricket. Let’s see how fantasy cricket works, and then you could learn about the tips and tricks to win the game and earn money from the game as well. 

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What is fantasy cricket?

So it is an online sport which helps you have entertainment with the benefit of earning money also. You have to make your team of 11 players. Now the player’s luck is all dependent on the number of scores or runs made by the batsmen. Don’t worry because it is safe and legal to play in India. You have to create your team and strategies to make a win-win situation for the game. Your primary goal is to select some of the best players after checking out their performance when you start. Checking the version of each player is very important because that is the factor that leads to the winning of the user. Then you earn points according to your wins, and if you manage to be the top scorer of the game, you win fantastic cash prizes.


If you know and have enough knowledge of cricket, you can have a start to your fantasy way! Just download the app from the trusted gaming platforms and have a beginning. You have to register yourself and give a blast in the game. If you want to learn more, go through this guide for fantasy cricket. 


You will get some of the options for the matches that you want to play. You have to select the one game that you want to play. You have to start playing with the virtual team that you made. By choosing some 11 players out of 25 players, you also have to decide the positions for the captain and vice-captain. They help you earn more points like the captain makes two times more and the vice-captain makes 1.5 times more than the rest of the players. So it would be best if you always put your thoughts while choosing your captain as well as vice-captain. 

The players which you need in any match and you have to select them as well

  • 1 wicketkeeper has to be chosen
  • 3 batsmen 
  • 3 bowlers 
  • 4 all-rounders or mixed roles

You should always choose your players wisely and make a fantastic team. 


When you open the fantasy game app, you have specific options, and there is no limit to the number of matches and contests. Many contests are happening like grand leagues, head to head contests and minor leagues etc. You have to choose it for yourself. There would be a small entry fee for the same. You can also join multiple matches to play but always choose them wisely. You have to invest them so you should always try to make the right choice for yourself. There is a wide range of options to choose from, and you should try to select the match you are most confident about. 


So to win, you should always have some mind tricks to use for winning. You can never succeed without using any strategies and some good tips. So to win, you should set up your mind with some new, creative and innovative ideas to win. Also, our guide for fantasy cricket will help you move forward with this idea.

  • There should always be a balance in your team as you have to include some good batsmen, bowlers, fielders, which should be apt according to your team. Also, do not prefer favouritism when choosing your players for the team. It can lead to loss in the game. 
  • Also, always stay updated with all the information regarding the cricket news. You must know what the current conditions for cricket are. You can make some last-minute changes in your team as well. 
  • It would be best if you always chose those players who could compete in the match. 
  • Also, do not just over-invest in any match and try to play multiple games to increase your wins and scores. 



This could be the guide for fantasy cricket and could help you have success in your game. You can follow these tips and tricks to smash online fantasy cricket. You can make yourself a pro if you are new to it by following these tips and tricks.