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Indians love cricket more than any other sport. It is a country that goes mad for this sport and genuinely enjoys every cricket match. If there is a group of people, there would be some or other topic sparked up related to cricket. From the lockdown time, so many people have shown their interest in fantasy cricket. Also, there is so many fantasy cricket app now that people have so many options to play upon. 

Playing fantasy cricket on any fantasy cricket app makes much more entertainment as well as experience for any person. Also, these fantasy cricket app make the games much more interesting as they allow people to earn money from them as well. Unlimited matches are happening every day on these apps. 

Fantasy Dangal is a fantasy cricket app that allows people to have a good gaming experience with fantasy cricket. It is an app for people to earn loads of money every day. You can sign up and enjoy the different features of this fantasy cricket app. There are so many things that make this one different. There are so many users already having fun by playing and earning every day. 

Let us see which features make Fantasy Dangal the best fantasy cricket app for any user to enjoy. 


Fantasy Dangal has this flexible feature for all the users to enjoy unlimited matches and leagues on the app. These all are major matches that can be played on the app. Not only cricket, but the users can also enjoy cricket, kabaddi, and many others on the app. All the international, as well as T20 matches, take place which can be enjoyed by the users. 

You Can play and enjoy your favorite matches every day with the app. 


The Fantasy Dangal app has this unique points system that helps you to play and readily understand the match. You can comprehend the matches and points system easily. You can play any match on this fantasy cricket app. At the start of the match, you would get 1000 points to choose your team and players. Then these players would help you to fetch points in the match and win rewards from the game. So, use your points wisely. 

Also, choose the captain and vice-captain very wisely because they help you to gain extra points from the rest of the players. Team selection has a very big role in any fantasy cricket app because your team will decide your fate in the matches. So, choose them wisely. If you once succeed with the team selection process you can get on the first position on the scoreboard and win big. 


It is a user-friendly app that enables any user to operate the app very easily. There are other fantasy games also available, apart from cricket which the user can enjoy. Once you download the app, it would be really simple for you to operate the app and play different matches. You can play and enjoy the matches on your smartphones. Just focus on playing well and win big with the app. 


The Fantasy Dangal app has a very easy procedure to sign up for any user. You just have to download the app and start registering your Id with the app. You can sign up with your Google or Facebook account. Then you have to start making your fantasy team and start playing from the time you have completed your sign-up process. It is not at all a difficult or lengthy process to be done. So, download the app now and register yourself to start playing and win big with the app. 

Fantasy Dangal gives every player to start their fantasy journey with the app and win a huge amount of money every day. You just have to enjoy your favorite games to win some big cash rewards. 

You can download the Fantasy Dangal app from the official website of so, hurry up and start your journey now. 


Fantasy Dangal is one of the best fantasy cricket app, one could have. Now there are so many fantasy cricket apps from which you can choose. But always trust the right fantasy cricket app because here, it is your money involved. Also, you should start with the practice matches and not directly come to the cash leagues. You should not take any trouble to yourself in the money matter. 

And the Fantasy Dangal app allows you to have instant cash withdrawals of your winning amount. So, play and earn cash amounts and also take them at that time only. You don’t have to wait much. 

So, hurry and download the best fantasy cricket app now to play and win big.