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Are you excited to win some huge cash prizes? Just make your win obvious by learning all the fantasy kabaddi tips, which will always keep you on the top. You will always be there to give the tough competition to your opponents. You always have to prepare some mind games to make the game come in your hand. Just learn some basic fantasy kabaddi tips to be on the top and make the game a big one for yourself. 

Take some time to understand these basic skills and win some interesting prizes for that as well, and it makes the game much more intensified and fun at the same time.
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These credit points play a huge role in the game. Every player gets 100 credit points. And it is very important to use these points with full attention and in a thoughtful manner. This is the very first step of the way which you have to take correctly so that your game shall go in an interesting and fun way. Don’t just use your points in any one player, or don’t just overuse all the points in the first few players. 

The team and players will decide your scores and the win for the game. So you need to take the decision very carefully. It would be best if you always tried to choose the right members for you in your team. This is the first fantasy kabaddi tip you should always follow and keep in your mind so that you have a good part played from your side. Making the team is a simple yet huge task to perform by the player. 

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As said, picking up your team would be the most interesting task for you, but you have to do it very wisely. Some of the fantasy kabaddi tips which could help you to make a good team can be:

  • It would help if you always chose the captain and vice-captain with the most excellent and top-rated records so that you do not regret your decision afterwards. They always make you earn 2x and 1.5x points extra than the other players. They are much more useful for the team as they have a big power in their hands. 
  • There should always be the right number of players like the raiders, defenders that you pick up for the team and the all-rounders. They must be in the right quantity for the team else it would be problematic for you. 
  • Make a perfect combo of players in your team and make a victory for yourself. You will enjoy the match if you have a good team playing for you. Otherwise, you would always be in some worry about the players, and you would panic for your money. So keep the players in the right position. 


When you keep all the updates with the fantasy kabaddi news, you will also get to understand more fantasy kabaddi tips. Also, you would get to form different impressions regarding the player when you would hear the news for their performance. Also, getting more and more insights for the players better would be your knowledge of the game. 

You will get more ideas for the players’ current performance, and it would be easy for you then to choose your players for the team. Make yourself better and better every day in the game by understanding the basic fantasy kabaddi tips. 

Always know the history of the cards for every player on the ground.

You must know all the history regarding the cards, like which players have got the red, yellow and green cards in the ground. It would be best for you to decide for your team. You can get to know which players to select and which players would make you lose the points. 

Always find those players for your team who tend to have more successful tackles in the game. These things affect your game on a heavy note. 

Always have different options for the players.

Don’t ever rely on one player or one team. You shall always give a chance to the different players in your team. You should have multiple options for your team, and you would get to know which players would have more chances of making your team win in any situation. 


So, these are some of the fantasy kabaddi tips that would help you win big and have an amazing game. Just play with full attention and give all thoughts in choosing your team wisely. They play a very important role in this. Play fantasy kabaddi with Fantasy Dangal and have a chance to win huge cash rewards and other prizes.

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