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Fastest 50 in IPL

Who Has Made the Fastest 50 in IPL history?

Are you curious to know who has arrived at this position first? Players have this chance to show their real amazing skills during the time of the Indian Premier League. The viewers wait for this most awaited time of the year when they enjoy different teams and the mix match of different players in one team. 

The all-rounder from the Australian team, the very popular player Pat Cummins plays for the team Kolkata Knight Riders and is the recent player to hit the fastest 50 in IPL. Amazingly, he completed his half century in just 14 balls. The jaws dropped after seeing this amazing performance of the player. 

Here is the list of players who have hit the fastest 50 in IPL. 

Who Is The King Of Cricket


After four years, he is the player who broke the record of KL Rahul. We all saw the knocking performance where he completed his fastest 50 in IPL in just 14 balls! It was the most eye-opening thing which we saw again in the IPL after KL Rahul. 

He came on the field when the KKR team was in the great struggle, with a score of 101-5, and they had to chase a target of 162 runs. 

Venkatesh Iyer was standing at one side, and Cummins came to show the nerves which can thrill down the field. As it was done, the team was in great joy!


He also completed his fastest 50 in IPL in just 14 balls! He gave his shot in the match against Delhi Capitals in Mohali, 2018. In April 2018, he played for Punjab team and knocked down his half-century in just 14 balls, which was truly amazing to watch. The supremacy of his half-century hit different because he was the first one to complete in just 14 balls. 

An amazing batsman! All the viewers were holding their eyes just on to the ball, where it was going every time he hit the shot. But on that day, KL Rahul was not ready to make a halt his great performance. He hit six fours and four sizes, which completed his half-century in just 14 balls. They were the most special knocks we have ever seen in the IPL history. 


He completed his fastest 50 in IPL in just 15 balls, which is a great achievement for the player. The match was played against the team of Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2014. There were no brilliant batsmen available at that time, and at that time, Yusuf Pathan stepped down on the field with his power-hitting shots. 

He took all the spotlight on the Rajasthan Royals team and was really appreciated for his job. The match was played at the Eden Gardens, where he made the viewers go crazy. He was unstoppable at that time. Eden gardens was not a good place for the batters at that time, but nothing mattered at that time for the player. He did not even spare one bowler from the team. 


He also completed his half-century in just 15 balls. Smacking every ball possible was a task that the player was doing with great ease! Watching him gave a great plea to the viewers and his fans. The IPL always comes with different things which make the players awestruck! The match was against the Royal Challengers Bangalore team. He was at his best and gave a jaw-dropping performance for his team. KKR team sent the player at a great risk, but it was really worth it. 


One of the best batters, that cricket history has ever seen! He was known as the highest run-scorer, but then Virat Kohli also came into the picture. He is considered to be the backbone of Chennai super kings batting. But in 2014, when the team was playing against the Punjab team, he came in a form that no one has seen before! 

He was a different player who gave the best of the best out of him. Completing his fastest 50 in IPL. The Punjab team got the batting first in this match and left it at 226/6. 

CSK had a target to complete 227 runs at that time. He came to the field, holding his bat and smacking the balls with all energy and enthusiasm. But because of an unfortunate run out, CSK lost that match and was not able to win that. 


He also completed his fastest century in just 16 balls, that was one amazing performance for the viewers! He completed his race of making the fastest 50 in IPL in just 16 balls. 

Making it with talent and with all the skills was the job of Ishan Kishan. They amazed all the viewers out there in the stadium. 

The match was against Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2021, held in Abu Dhabi. 


He is the player who made the fastest 50 in IPL in 17 balls and is one epitome of great batsmen in cricket history, we have seen some of the most jaw-dropping performances from this player. He came in the beast mode at that time and took it to another level during his performance. And eventually, he was the first one to slam the fastest T20 century, and it is a record for the highest score in that format of cricket matches.