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Some players are popular and well known for their fastest century in IPL and are appreciated. Having the fastest century in the t20 is a difficult task because the cricketers have a limited amount of time to have their batting. The players who still have a record for the fastest 100 in the t20 would be a massive achievement. 

Now, there is also some subconscious competition in the batsmen’s minds do not have the century in the match but also have the fastest century in the IPL. The players would be known for this achievement. The batsmen gain a different amount of fan following if they score the fastest 100 in the IPL. 


We all know the famous batsman Chris Gayle, who plays for the team of Royal challengers Bangalore and has the throne of the fastest 100 in IPL history. He has a fantastic fan base and genuinely has the skills which the players crave for. He made his fastest century on just 30 balls. He made this against the team of Pune warriors India. He is one of the best batsmen in the cricket team and has made his place in millions of hearts. Chris Gayle wreaked havoc on the bowlers of Pune and scored the fastest 100 in IPL!!

In this match, he also got the title for the game player, and we all know that was a well-deserving thing. 



He is known for scoring his fastest 100 in IPL in 37 balls only. He is said to be in his best form in the starting years of IPL. He was from the team of Rajasthan Royals. He also made them win some of the matches in the IPL. He was a player who was desired by the team and wanted him to play for his team. He scored his fastest 100 in IPL in the match of Rajasthan Royals vs Mumbai Indians. In the second match of the third edition of the IPL season, there was a shocking score which made the fans of Rajasthan Royals go despondent, but Yusuf Pathan just changed the fate of the team and just made his fastest century in IPL in just 37 balls and had a smashing match!!


He is known to be one of the most fierce batsmen. He is from the Kings XI Punjabi team and made his fastest 100 of the IPL in KNIGS XI PUNJAB vs ROYAL CHALLENGERS BANGALORE. In match 51 of the  IPL history, there was a shocking result shown by the player. At first, the scenario was different when the Punjab team was losing, but David miller came into the ground and changed the whole system after that. He made his fastest 100 in IPL in 38 balls and made the Bangalore team down that day.


Undoubtedly, this player has the skills of the most talented wicketkeeper as well as the best batsman. He made his fastest 100 in just 42 balls and played from the team of DECCAN CHARGES against Mumbai Indians. He is known for having the fastest 100 in IPL but still ranking at number four. The team won by having ten wickets that day. It was all possible because of Adam Gilchrist. He is one of the best a team could have! Making records for the team and also securing his position in the hearts of his fans. 


This player is known to be making his century in just 43 balls. He made his fastest 100 in IPL against Gujarat lions in the year 2016. The Gujarat team had a significant loss that day because of AB DE VILLERS. He plays from the group of Royal challengers Bangalore, and the team is delighted to have a player like this. He has a significant fan following in the cricket fan base, and people love to watch him in the field. He is well known for his batting skills as well. Bangalore made their major win in that match and had a very delightful win in that match. 


This player is also a well-known cricketer, and he has created his own separate colossal fan base. He is mainly liked by everyone and has met with monumental achievements as well. People like him because of his immense talent and creating history in IPL as well. He also made his fastest 100 in the IPL. He has made his full efforts to make his team proud and his fans proud! He was batting first and made everyone happy in the match of SUNRISERS HYDERABAD vs Kolkata knight riders. In that match, he made his total runs by making 126 runs in 59 balls and the fastest 100 in IPL in just 43 balls. 


More players have also made their fastest century in IPL, like Virat Kohli, a well-known and top-rated Indian player. He also has a record for the same. Shayne Watson, Murali Vijay are also some players who have their records. These cricketers have also made their positions in the fastest 100 of IPL, but no one still has the history of beating the king! Chris Gayle still remains the king and has the highest record till now. No one has defeated him yet in making the fastest 100 in IPL in just 30 balls. It is an immense achievement for the player.