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fastest century in odi

Top 8 Players To Hit The Fastest Century In ODI Matches

Fastest Century In ODI: There is a reason why this new generation loves, “Tiger Zinda Hai” but not “Mughal-e-Azam”; Oh I’m sorry, this seems like a wrong comparison but I’m talking about speed here. The world is ever-changing and our brains are adapting to this new fast-paced world. We want everything quick and now. Anything is available at a click of a button so who will want to wait. And if everything is fast-paced, just WHY NOT CRICKET? Oh yeah, I’m talking about quick overs, short matches, craziest deliveries, hitting machine batsmen, and nonetheless the quickest centuries in the world.

Let’s cut to the chase, as everybody does, and talk about the fastest century in ODI. Scoring 100 runs is not such a menial task, scoring 100 runs in an ODI is a much bigger task but scoring a hundred in lesser balls than any other average batsman, now that calls for an applaud. There have been many instances and records associated with a perfect double zero score but the fast century in ODI remains the best. Let’s dig in:

Fastest Century In ODI

Top 8 Players To Hit The Fastest Century In ODI

8) JC Butler

The England opener hit off the 100 mark by scoring 110 runs in exactly 50 balls. The talismanic batter who holds the record for most catches in an ODI inning broke the record of fastest century in ODI two times. The first time Butler did this magnificent magic was in 2015 when he scored 116 out of 46 balls against Pakistan and coincidentally he did it again with the same team but in 2019. Looks like Butler got a bullseye on Pak ballers.

7) Sanath Jayasuriya

This Sri Lankan left-handed batsman is one of the most complex yet all-rounder player of cricket. Jayasuriya holds weird records such as he has the 5th most hundreds in a career (28) as well as most ducks taken by a cricketer in his career (34). Now how these 2 records co-exist with each other is not our problem, but this trigonometric gentleman hit off one of the fastest century in ODI by scoring a total of 134 runs and a century in 48 balls with again a magical figure of 11 sixes and 11 runs. Numbers just can’t get enough of this guy.

6) Jessie Daniel Ryder

Gaining such rash popularity in that short period, Ryder made his name in the International Cricket and several other ‘better-not-to-be-told’ things since his debut in 2008. This all-rounder from New Zealand has been in and out of cricket as well as teams. In midst of all this in 2014, this miracle scored 104 runs out of 46 balls with the help of 5 sixes and 12 fours. To be honest, not a bad show from the wonderful man.

5) Shahid Afridi

No cricketer or cricket fan in this world will not admire Shahid Afridi, the ‘Lala’ of cricket. Afridi played cricket like he lives life, free and out of the will. Never have been there a moment when Boom Boom Afridi slipped in pressure. Holding phenomenal records in his arsenal, Afridi is the youngest player ever to score a century in One Day International at just the age of 16 years, hot damn, isn’t that marvelous! Along with this, Shahid holds 2 world records for the fastest century in ODI. 

The first one was made in 1996, the young blood hit off 102 runs in just 37 balls with 11 sixes and 6 fours, while the second time he repeated the record in 2005, playing against India hitting 102 runs in 45 balls. Ain’t that a boom boom record.

4) Brian Lara

Off with the record, Brian Lara, the cricket wizard hit the century scoring 117 runs off of 45 balls with 4 sixes and 18 fours, now that’s some numbers, damn! The match was against Bangladesh in 1999 in their home ground Dhaka when BC Lara achieved this feat and helped the team win the game by 109 runs.

3) Mark Boucher

The shining batsman of the Golden Era of South Africa, Mark Verdon Boucher was known to be a tough cricketer and by tough I don’t mean who will win against any opponent, the tough means by seeing whom the whole opposite team will have to redo their strategy. He was one of the contributing batsmen where South Africa killed the unbeatable ODI target of 438 given by Australia, by scoring a half-century without going off-field. In scopes of centuries, this aggressive right-hand batsman scored 144 runs out of 44 balls in a match against Zimbabwe in 2006 with a strike rate of massive 216.17.

2) Corey Anderson

Another New Zealander who debuted in 2007 was the youngest player to get in contract with a national cricket team at the age of just 16. Keeping the team in equilibrium, Anderson is known to be the reliable allrounder all over the formats. Although, nobody could have wondered his rampage when in 2014 on New Year’s Day eve, CJ Anderson set the world record (then) for the fastest century in ODI, scoring 131 runs in merely 36 balls with unbelievable 14 sixes and 6 fours against West Indies in Queenstown. Not too old now, Anderson has the most promising cricket career ahead of him!

1) AB de Villiers

The 360-degree King and the tenacity to piggyback the whole match, the one and only de Villiers has done it all. The versatility of a player is not shown in the game he plays but in the game he plays. An overall ‘fine’ athletic, AB debuted in ODI against England in 2005, although gaining a slow pace at the front, he played at every position from 1st to 8th. Scoring his first century in 2007 against West Indies, he scored 146 out of 130 balls as he was keeping the wicket for the team. 

While setting a personal high score of 172 in ODI, de Villiers is also known for currently holding the world record for the fastest century in ODI in just 31 balls at a strike rate of 338.63 while keeping a partnership of 192 runs with Hashim Amla setting off a humongous target of 439. Honestly, you can’t imagine a captain doing all this but then at the same time you can because it’s the 360-degree king here we’re talking about.

Honorable Mention:

Virat Kohli: We can’t end this dialectic without talking about the hot blood Virat Kohli. Known as the young aspiration of cricket worldwide, Kohli has always been an aggressive batsman just like his predecessor Virendra Sehwag. For India, the fastest century in ODI by Indians is of Virat Kohli, hitting it off in hardly 52 balls in 2013 against Australia. And stating the obvious, after Kohli this accomplishment has been captured by none other than Virendra Sehwag.

Reading off the list, you may have noticed one thing, that all these players were not contemplating for a record, they were simply playing for their team at the time of requirement. And this is all that this is about, the day a cricketer stops dreaming about records, he starts creating ones. Because after that, the joy that is mutually shared by the player and his fans are extraneous and out of this world!