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Fastest Fifty In IPL

Top 5 Batsmen To Hit Fastest Fifty In IPL

Fastest Fifty In IPL: Indian Premier League or the popularly known IPL has always been one of the most favorite cricket tournaments of the audience all around the globe. The tournament is based on the T20 format which makes it a fast-paced one. Due to the limited number of overs, both the batsmen and bowlers are under pressure to perform to their fullest to make their bag victory. The best thing about pressure is that it makes players deliver their best performance which often leads to the creation of new records.

One such record is the fastest fifty in IPL. As of now, the record is being held by KL Rahul who smashed a half-century in just 14 balls while playing against Delhi Capitals in 2018. Until now, no one has been able to break his record of the fastest fifty in IPL. However, it doesn’t end here as the list is quite long. There are more than a dozen players that have scored a fifty in IPL in less than 20 balls. Here we will talk about the top 5 batsmen who have achieved the fastest fifty in IPL in less than 20 balls. 

fastest fifty in ipl

Top 5 Batsmen To Hit Fastest Fifty In IPL

KL Rahul

Currently, the record holder is KL Rahul, who created an almost unchangeable history by hitting 50 runs in just 14 balls. He was playing from Punjab Kings at that time and scored 4 sixes and 6 fours to reach 50.

Yusuf Pathan

Pathan is always remembered as one of the most aggressive batsmen in the history of Indian cricket. In the 2014 edition of the Indian Premier League, he scored a fifty in just 15 balls and held the title of fastest fifty in IPL until 2018, after that KL Rahul outclassed him. Previously, Sunil Narine also equaled his record but was unable to break it. Yusuf Pathan scored 72 runs in that innings with 7 sixes and 5 fours against Sunrisers Hyderabad. 

Sunil Narine

IPL has a one-of-a-kind effect on the players as you can see that one of the best T20 spinners in the world also holds a record of fastest fifty in IPL. Sunil Narine knocked a half-century in just 15 balls in IPL 2017 by hitting four fours and four sixes. At that time, Narine was a part of Kolkata Night Riders and the match was against Royal Challengers Bangalore. Not only this, but Narine also knocked a half-century in April 2018 in 17 balls with five sixes and 4 fours. 

Suresh Raina

While mentioning the fastest fifty in IPL, no one can miss the 16 ball spree played by Chennai Super Kings’ powerful batsmen Suresh Raina. He scored a total of 87 runs in that inning with 12 fours and 6 sixes against Kings XI Punjab in IPL 2014 edition. Raina has been one of the most consistent batsmen in IPL with over 400 runs in 7 consecutive seasons of the Indian Premier League (IPL). He also holds the record of most consecutive appearances for a team as he has already appeared 158 times for Chennai Super Kings. 

Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle has showcased out-of-the-box batting skills in the Indian Premier League. In one such inning, when Gayle smashed 175 runs against Pune Warriors India in 2013, he scored fifty in just 17 balls which was quite quick. In the match, Chris Gayle knocked 17 sixes and 13 fours making it a completely unforgettable inning. He also has scored 4772 runs in the Indian Premier League (IPL) overall which is second highest after David Warner who has 5254 runs in his bucket. 

Other Batsmen To Reach Fastest Fifty In IPL

Apart from the top 5 batsmen to hit the fastest fifty in IPL, players like Hardik Pandya, Kieron Pollard Adam Gilchrist, Chriss Morris, and Nicholas Pooran. All the mentioned players share the record same as Chris Gayle as they have scored a 50 in 17 balls with different combinations of sixes and fours.

In the upcoming IPL tournaments, stakes are high that the records for the fastest fifty will be challenged and snatched too. However, the benchmark set by KL Rahul of hitting a 50 in just 14 balls is definitely a tough nut to crack and the best batsmen will also have a hard time in even equalling the level.

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