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fastest hundered in ipl

Fastest Hundred In IPL | Top 5 In The List Of Fastest Hundred In IPL

One of the most power-packed tournaments of the world, the Indian Premier League or the IPL, is going on. No doubt we all have seen a lot of records in this one of a kind high intensity league. Whether it is regarding taking the most wickets, making the most runs, scoring a half-century, or scoring the lowest runs, all the IPL teams have contributed to giving some of the best, most incredible memories of all time related to cricket. One such achievement in IPL is of hitting the fastest hundred in IPL. 

Talking about a century in a T20 match is a big deal. It takes a lot of discipline and control on momentum to score a century in twenty overs. To your surprise, there are more than ten batsmen as of now who have achieved the fastest hundred in the Indian Premier League. Today, we will have a brief discussion over the fastest hundred in IPL along with the top 5 people closest to the record. 

Fastest Hundred In IPL: Top 5 Players Closest To The Record

Chris Gayle

No wonder that the Jamaican blaster is at the top of the table to hit the fastest hundred in IPL. IN the 2013 edition of the Indian Premier League, Chris Gayle scored a century in just 30 balls which were insane. The match was against Pune Warriors, and he knocked 175 runs in that innings. Out of the 175 runs, he smashed 17 sixes and 13 fours, which was enough to throw the opposition in utter disappointment. In that particular match, RCB scored 263 runs in a single match, and that is the highest score in IPL ever scored by any team.

Fastest Hundred In IPL

On the contrary, Pune Warriors only managed to score 133 runs at a loss of 1 wicket. This match was nothing less than a roller coaster in the first innings, and not only this, RCB also holds the record of two highest scores in IPL. Then out of which the second one was 248 runs. Until now, no one has dared to snatch the record of hitting the fastest hundred in IPL from the Jamaican batter. 

Yusuf Pathan

In the 2010 edition of the Indian Premier League, Yusuf Pathan played a marvelous inning and scored a century in just 37 balls. The score changed the game completely. At that time, he was playing for Rajasthan, and the match was against Mumbai Indians. There was a target of 133 runs runs and Rajasthan Royals had to chase it. Despite Yusuf Pathan’s thunderous innings for Rajasthan Royals, Mumbai Indians won the match by four runs which would have been quite disappointing for the Indian century hitter. 

He broke the record of fastest hundred in IPL, which Adam Gilchrist first held. Scoring a century hardly matters when your team loses the match with a difference so low. However, we can be say that if Yusuf Player only an over more than what he did, results would have been different from what they were. He enjoyed the title of player to hit the fastest hundred in IPL for a long time until Chris Gayle snatched the record. 

David Miller: Millers’s name comes just next to Yusuf Pathan as he scored a century in the Indian Premier League in 38 balls which is only one ball more than Yusuf Pathan, who is at second place in the list. He is also known as Killer Miller because he has also played some of the most dangerous innings in various cricket formats, including the Indian Premier League. 

He smashed a century while playing for Kings XI Punjab against Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). IN that match, Royal Challengers Bangalore gave a target of 191 runs to Punjab. Then Miller single-handedly snatched the victory from RCB’s jaws. Punjab achieved the target runs with two offers left in the match. Miller was so close to the record of hitting the fastest hundred in IPL but failed by two balls. 

Adam Gilchrist

All fans admire this player and has a huge fan following indeed. He scored a century in just 42 balls in the 2008 edition of IPL against Mumbai Indians (MI). The Deccan Charger skipper 10 sixes and 9 fours in the match with a strike rate of 231.91. His team, Deccan Chargers, registered a victory in the match with 8 remaining overs and all 10 wickets in hand. Gilchrist smashed. He won the title of the player of match. In the same edition of IPL, his team, Deccan Chargers, claimed the IPL trophy under his captaincy. 

AB de Villiers And David Warner

Indian Premier League has seen various records where two great players share the same spot. A similar thing has happened here for the fifth spot of fastest hundred in IPL. Both David Warner and AB de Villiers share the spot as they both scored a century in their respective matches in 43 balls. De Villiers scored 126 runs against Gujarat Lions in the 2016 edition of the Indian Premier League that consisted of 12 sixes and 10 fours, which is undoubtedly a breath-taking inning. Talking about David Warner, he smashed 126 runs for Sunrisers Hyderabad on 59 balls. It included 8 sixes and 8 fours and helped the team win the match against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). 

Fastest Hundred In IPL: Conclusion 

So, as we can see in the list, the record of hitting the fastest hundred in IPL or the Indian Premier League is held by Chris Gayle. He achieved the score in just 30 balls or five overs. The record is very tough to break. But it cannot be said that the record will remain unchallenged in the near future. In the upcoming edition of the Indian Premier League, we can expect that the title of hitting the fastest hundred in IPL will be snatched away from the Jamaican batter. High possibilities are that the top 5 list for the fastest hundred in IPL will also witness some major changes. Let’s see what the future holds for the players and cricket enthusiasts.

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