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highest opening partnership in IPL history

Memorable highest opening partnership in IPL history

There are some of the best and the highest opening partnership in IPL history, which the people will never forget. It is all about the strategy of the batsmen that are made and the skills of the batsmen who play together in a team and most importantly like a good team! IPL is a game in which the batsmen have to score a good amount of runs at the start consistently, and the batsmen have to secure the runs in the initial game so that the team could have a good opening. It makes the spirits and willpower of players, as well as fans, go high! Invariably, the teams try to make a good start; with this strategy, the team is always in benefit because it interrupts the plans for the other opposing team, and that is good! 

Let us look at some historical and the highest opening partnership in IPL history. These partnerships are still the favourite till now. People have these types of alliances feed in their minds and hope to see something like this again!

highest opening partnership in ipl


This partnership is still everyone’s favourite and remains in the number one position. They both added 185 runs which were for the first wicket. No one has been able to beat this partnership to date. These players genuinely did a fantastic job together and had a mind-blasting performance, and they smashed the field. Bairstow scored 114 runs in some 56 balls, and David Warner scored 100 runs in 55 balls. This is the highest opening partnership in IPL history to date! This was done against the team of ROYAL CHALLENGERS BANGALORE In the year 2019. Obviously, in this match, RCB had to lose but not just yield. They lost by 118 runs. Jonny Bairstow and David Warner did a commendable job at the same time. Not just creating the history, they genuinely made their team proud as well. 


They both scored 184 runs together, and this partnership was made the second-highest opening partnership in IPL history. Both the players started with some smashing hits and made 184 runs for the team. In this match, the captain, well-known Player, Suresh Raina, had made 68 runs on 51 balls. And with that, both the players played well to make their team win. 

We all still remember this partnership, and is appreciated till now. 

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In this opening, which is known to be the third-highest opening in IPL history, Mayank Aggarwal scored the memorable 100 runs only in the first innings and made 106 runs in 50 balls. Then both the players had a total of 183 runs which made the team reach somewhere on the score of 223/2 in some 20 overs. This is an appreciable job which was done by both the players. Also, this match is still remembered because of the knock made by Rahul Tewatia, which created and helped the team of Rajasthan win, but also with a memorable success. All the cricket fans are still huge fans of this match especially, and this match took the heart of the cricket fans because of the fantastic performance given by the players. 


This is the most recent match done in 2020 when Chennai Super Kings chased the other team’s target. The couple had to chase somewhere about a target of 179 runs. The opposing team was Punjab. The Chennai Super kings team was able to make a good start and have their team proud of them. They scored 181 runs together, which is an excellent number for having the name in the list of highest opening partnership in IPL history. In this match, Shane Watson was also awarded the title of Player of the match because he did a commendable job in this match. He was able to make some around 83 runs in 53 balls. Both the players made their best strategy to have a good initial start for the match to have a mind-blowing ending. 


Both of them made a unique highest opening partnership in IPL history. They were able to make a smooth run for their team and made some highest runs in the team. Both were able to score 181 runs in a great partnership. Both of them had to chase a target of somewhere about 178 runs. They did not even lose a wicket in the match. Devdutt was also able to have a fantastic century in just 52 balls. Also, Virat Kohli was the captain of the game and did an amazing job by making 72 runs in 47 balls.

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