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Sneak peek Into Top 5 Records for The Highest Partnership in IPL History

Top 5 Records for The Highest Partnership in IPL History

For either IPL or T20 game, robust partnerships are crucial to a team’s ability to document a formidable score on the boards. Cricket is naturally batsman-friendly, particularly in its quickest version. Batsmen have effectively exploited numerous bowlers in history to flip the game to their advantage on too many occasions. Ultimately, cricket is a team game that necessitates efforts from all members of the playing XI squad to be triumphant. This has been proven time and again through the figures among the list for the highest partnership in IPL.

‘’Individuals might win matches, but it requires a team to win a championship’’, as Rohit Sharma memorably stated.

Every batsman requires a reliable companion to support his talents. An established duo of batsmen at the wicket has the potential to wreak far more havoc than a pair that has not yet settled in. There seem to be plenty of critical partnerships in the IPL’s history. Many times, leading batters have teamed together to assist their clubs to establish scores and destroy the opposition’s bowling strategies.

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Top 5 Records for The Highest Partnership in IPL History

5) Warner & Ojha – 189 – Daredevils vs Deccan Chargers Hyderabad

David Warner and keeper-batsman Naman Ojha had an undefeated 189-run stand for the 2nd wicket in 2012, and this score stands tall as the 5th highest partnership in IPL. The Daredevils lost Virender Sehwag with the 2nd delivery of the match while pursuing 188 runs against the Deccan Chargers (now Sunrisers Hyderabad). Naman Ojha, on the other hand, came in at No. 3 and put together a monster 189-run partnership with David Warner to enable the Delhi club to effortlessly pass the finish line.

4) Gayle & Virat – 204 – RCB vs Daredevils

Chris Gayle opened delicately since he had the chance to open 1st for a critical match in the IPL 2012. Before he could realize it, he had lost his opener companion Dilshan. Virat Kohli, the skipper, then accompanied him. The assault from the Daredevils got completely obliterated by Chris. Gayle finished with a total of 128 undefeated from 62 deliveries. Kohli, who took second place to Gayle, finished with a tally of 73 runs off 53 deliveries. Delhi squad wasn’t going to take the insults lightly, closing within 21 runs of the threshold. But, owing to Kohli and Gayle’s gigantic partnership, the goal was probably too great and this knock was registered as the highest partnership in IPL 2012 by runs.

3) Gilchrist & Marsh – 206 – Kings XI Punjab vs RCB

During IPL 2011, Punjab skipper Gilchrist and partner Aussie Shaun Marsh revealed a spectacular bombardment in Dharamshala which was recorded as the highest partnership in IPL 2011. The duo jolted the RCB bowling flurry by partnering up during the 4th over. By throwing a mind-blowing 27 extras, the bowlers didn’t assist their chances. Marsh remained undefeated with 79 runs off 49 deliveries while Gilchrist got dispatched for 106 runs off 55 deliveries. RCB shattered in the quest, falling 111 runs short due to Piyush Chawla’s 4-wicket splurge.

2) Virat & AB de Villiers – 215 – RCB vs Mumbai Indians

Before breaking their record in 2016, this duo had been on the top for the highest partnership in IPL 2015 as well. RCB decided to bat first during a clash in IPL 2015 at the Mumbai Team’s home ground. Things seemed to go downhill during the beginning as Chris was sent out earlier than usual. Virat and de Villiers, then pieced together a magnificent partnership. The Mumbai Indians’ clumsy assault had no idea about the capabilities of de Villiers. He clobbered the bowling line-up, smashing 133 in just 59 balls. Kohli gathered 82 runs in 50 balls. The scoreline became 235/1. Despite their strongest strategies, MI had only been able to rack up 196 runs.

1) Virat & AB de Villiers – 229 – RCB vs Gujarat Lions

Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers made another record for the highest partnership in IPL 2016 in Bangalore, only about a year after the endless barrage on the Mumbai Indians. Gujarat Lions were unfortunately on the receiving end this year. After Chris got brushed aside, de Villiers showed up and started smashing right off the bat. Kohli started balancing him this time too. The duo delivered their 100s in record time. 248/3 became the ultimate figure for the squad. AB de Villiers stood tall and unscathed on 129 from 52 deliveries, on the other hand, Kohli got reduced for 109 in 55 deliveries during the final over. The Lions were whitewashed for just 104 runs in the 2nd innings, handing RCB a 144-run triumph.

Whenever a team is struggling during a match and the situation is going downhill, a brawny partnership could very well enable the squad to bounce back into it. While close to the edge grabs, powerful strokes, and other feats of athleticism may excite spectators, it all ultimately comes down to every individual acknowledging their position in the squad. The two batters out in the middle often can snatch the match away from a club. In the IPL, solid middle-order partnerships are crucial for any club to win games. Many noteworthy moments have occurred in which batsmen accumulated runs to win matches in cramped conditions. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a record-breaking season and mind-blowing performances in the IPL!

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