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highest run chase in ipl

Top 5 Teams Who Did The Highest Run Chase In IPL

The Indian Premier League is an exhilarating event, it always keeps us on the tip of our chairs through dramatic finales and spectacular game twists. The league has showcased several unforgettable T20 games wherein the teams scored the highest run chase in IPL.

The bombardment by the batting line-up, which puts the defending team on a frenzied hunt, is perhaps the greatest fascinating element of the modern version of cricket. Twenty20 is truly a batter’s sport.

Target chases, particularly those carrying high thresholds, stand high up on the list of iconic moments. It’s no mystery that strong target-chases amaze us all with teams’ way of showing perseverance amid suffering. also as well as the pure batting expertise on exhibit.

Just a couple of games have had an effective target-chase of above 200 out of over 750 Indian Premier League games staged up to this point.

Highest Run Chase In IPL

The Highest Run Chase In IPL And How It Blew Our Minds

Punjab Kings VS Sunrisers Hyderabad — (211/4)

In IPL 2014, the Punjab squad had one of their most prosperous seasons, as they seemed to carry the Midas touch. They smashed everything during 2014, whether it was mind-blowing innings from individual players or a full squad performance. The last one was on exhibit in the assault we’re referring to. The Punjab Kings got a big target of 206 runs after battling to minimize the Hyderabad squad’s Ojha. The target, however, appeared to be feasible in their current state.

Although Sehwag’s early departure shattered the squad’s aspirations, Punjab managed to surpass the highest run chase in IPL largely through the efforts of other members of the team.

Saha produced a 50, Manan and Maxwell played excellent stints before skipper Bailey won the battle with 35 runs from just 19 deliveries.

Delhi Capitals VS Gujarat Lions — (214/3)

The contest that transformed the destiny for Delhi Capitals from a mediocre squad. Then coming to a formidable one was the match against Gujarat Lions during the 2017 season. The possible explanation for this turnaround was the team’s playmaker, Pant, who undeniably proved his worth by helping the team reach the highest run chase in IPL.

The topmost players from the Delhi squad didn’t have much when it came to global exposure. Notwithstanding the above, their accomplishment of the gigantic target declared by the Gujarat team is very phenomenal. It was all centered around in Pant’s and Samson’s partnership only.

Pant stormed his way across the contest, smacking 9 sixes and 6 fours, whereas Samson was dismissed at a score of 61. Despite falling 3 runs shy of a 100, Iyer and Anderson were delighted with his efforts. The pair eventually won that match with 15 deliveries left.

Rajasthan Royals vs Deccan Chargers — (217/7)

To analyze the 3rd highest run chase in IPL’s annals, we must fly back 12 years, to the inaugural season. This inning is one of its kind because a score of over 160 used to be a big deal back then. Additionally, the Rajasthan Royals were a squad full of newbies and inexperienced athletes at the moment. When we consider all the variables the simple reality that such a target chase is still at the top of the standings is extraordinary.

RR slowed down a bit with numerous wickets following the 98-run partnership that came to a close. Nonetheless, heroics from Kaif and skipper Warne empowered the squad to reach the mark with one delivery remaining. Most of this unfolded versus Vaas, Singh, and Afridi’s formidable bowling attack.

Mumbai Indians VS Chennai Super Kings — (219/6)

The most memorable performance of the handful, the 2nd highest run chase in IPL, occurred when they battled it out till the final delivery of the contest. On a surface that could also be regarded as a bowler’s predicament, the tournament saw two defining moments in its annals. It features the finest of Rayudu and Pollard, as well as the very worst of Bumrah, who appeared bewildered for maybe the 1st time in years.

CSK did well until about the 8th over, scoring 61 for the loss of one wicket while Plessis and Ali were still at the wicket. They began taking risks, and now with the surface facilitating the batsmen better, the two enabled Chennai to score 112 runs, which was still pretty far from the highest run chase in IPL.

Ambati Rayudu who came in later was in a different ambience. Rayudu exempted nobody, as he performed on a bigger dimension. He guided the Chennai squad to a score of 218 runs at the loss of 4 wickets in 20 overs including an unblemished 72 off 27 deliveries, featuring 7 sixes and 4 boundaries. Jasprit finished with some of the poorest stats in the tournament, surrendering 56 runs within 24 deliveries.

Rajasthan Royals VS Punjab Kings — (226/6)

Rajasthan Royals surpassed their milestone recorded in IPL (2008). In the UAE when the squad accomplished the highest run chase in IPL at Sharjah during 2020. When the Pink City squad was pursuing 224, everyone had their hopes laid upon Buttler, who had rejoined the team, but shockingly, he was also dismissed early owing to a careless stroke.

Smith and Samson, on the other hand, picked up right where they left versus Chennai, with runs overflowing.

Steve was able to make 100 runs. Then after the conclusion of 9 overs. In the meantime, Rahul, who had accompanied Samson, was enduring a rough time. However, Samson maintained his outstanding rhythm as they had scored 161 runs after 16 overs. Then closing into the highest run chase in IPL. Upon losing Samson, and Punjab needing 62 runs off 24 deliveries, it looked like Punjab would win easily.

However, what unfolded afterwards was simply phenomenal. Rahul, who’d been playing on 17(23) and just couldn’t manage the timing. Also hammered 5 sixes from Sheldon’s deliveries to nearly clinch the match for Rajasthan Royals. Archer struck 2 sixes as well. Rahul subsequently slammed another 6 to enable Rajasthan in accomplishing the highest run chase in IPL.

The IPL is among the country’s top contests. When the IPL season begins, spectators can’t resist and stick close to their TVs. Also the new benchmarks were shattered and new cricketers were developed. The league has had several milestones created and surpassed ever since its debut in 2018.

The league has witnessed all of it, from the highest run chase in IPL history for a club, to the lowest score ever recorded. However, a lot more excitement awaits as the league proceeds, and we can’t resist being excited to watch more of such performances.

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