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highest run chase in odi

Top 10 Matches That Showcased The Highest Run Chase In ODI

A tally of 250–300 was once regarded as a high estimate, but presently, even 300+ is not considered as safe. There seem to be numerous factors that contribute to the above, and help teams in completing the highest run chase in ODI.

The way cricket is contested nowadays has been completely revolutionized by the approach to the game. Another of the primary motivations is the T20 concept, which has radically transformed the sport of cricket.

The perspective has evolved. Twenty20 tournaments have offered batsmen all over the globe greater chances to be reckless and aggressive in their technique to today’s bowlers. They build strength as a consequence of this, making it appear effortless on the ground.

Highest Run Chase In ODI

Teams Which Have Successfully Performed The Highest Run Chase In ODI

1) Australia VS South Africa – (438/9) – The City Of Gold, South Africa (2006)

In 2006, Australians and the Proteas contested one of the finest One-Day matches in history. Aussies amassed 434 runs at the loss of 6 wickets in their first inning, with skipper Ponting’s knock of 164 from 105 deliveries.

Few would have imagined that the South African team would be prepared to undertake such a humongous objective. Having 1 wicket and 1 delivery left, they hunted down the mark largely owing to Herschelle’s knock of 175 from 11 deliveries coupled with skipper Smith’s knock of 90 runs from 55 deliveries. The South African team became the 1st squad in One-Day format records to prosperously hunt down a 400+ target which also happened to be the highest run chase in ODI.

2) Australia VS South Africa – (372/6) – Durban (2016)

The 2nd highest run chase in ODI cricket had also been choreographed by the South African team, and it occurred versus the very same rivals as the prior chase, the Aussies. It was the 3rd One-Day match between the two nations during 2016.

Warner and Smith both went on to score 100s to help the opponents hit their objective of 371. However, Miller’s knock of 118 from 79 deliveries, Quinton’s knock of 70 from 49 deliveries, as well as Amla’s knock of 45 from 30 deliveries helped the South Africans achieve the goal with 4 deliveries to go. Miller’s 3rd ODI 100 featured 10 boundaries and 6 massive sixes.

3) England vs Windies – (364-4) – Bridgetown (2019)

The Windies produced 360 runs during the 1st One-Day match against England during the 2019 series. They managed to gather more than 300 runs owing to Gayle (135), Hope (64), and Bravo (40).

The 100 from Chris had come from his 1st game following a 6-month absence, as he hammered 12 sixes in his hundred. Though, hundreds by Jason as well as Root catapulted the English team to a 6-wicket victory over the Windies. Up to this point, it’s regarded as the 3rd highest run chase in ODI format.

4) India vs Australia – (362/1) – Jaipur (2013)

Team India tallied 360 runs with 3 deliveries remaining in the 2nd One-Day International held at Jaipur, their greatest-ever run chase. With a 50 from each of their top 5 batsmen in the order, the Aussies plundered 359 runs as they played first.

India completed the highest run chase in ODI owing to Rohit’s knock of 141 runs off 123 deliveries as well as Virat’s knock of 100 runs through 52 deliveries. The Indian squad won the match with 8 wickets to spare, and Shikhar falling 5 runs shy of a 100.

5) India vs Australia – (359/6) – Mohali (2019)

The Aussies achieved a score of 359 during the 4th One-Day match of their 2019 India tour. Team India played took the batting first and produced a total of 358. A significant proportion of the score was earned by starters Rohit (92/95) and Shikhar (115/143), as well Pant contributing a score of 24 on 36 deliveries.

Bhuvneshwar brushed aside Warner for a duck as the Australians got off to a shaky start in their quest. Nevertheless, the Indian supporters were taken aback by Handscomb’s 100, which had been greatly assisted by Usman’s knock of 91 runs and Turner’s knock of 84 runs, as the Aussies triumphed by 4 wickets and 13 deliveries and recorded the highest run chase in ODI.

6) England vs Pakistan – (359/4) – Bristol (2019)

The Pakistani team had set a target of 358 runs on a firm surface in Bristol, owing to Imam’s knock of 151 off 131 deliveries combined with Asif’s knock of 52 off 43 deliveries.

Notwithstanding, the English team’s Jason (76/55), Bairstow (128/93), Root (43/36) coupled with Ali (46/36), allowed them to achieve the highest run chase in ODI with 31 deliveries remaining. Before getting dismissed by Khan, Jason struck 4 sixes in his 50, whereas Bairstow hammered 15 boundaries and 5 sixers.

7) India vs England – (356/7) – Pune (2016)

The English team tallied 350 runs with their 1st innings. Root made great strides with a score of 78, whereas Jason added 73 runs. Team India won the game by 3 wickets after 100s from Virat and Kedar.

Virat’s knock of 122 off 105 deliveries featured 8 fours as well as 5 sixes, whereas Kedar’s knock of 120 of 76 deliveries was blasted at an astonishing strike rate of 157.89. The Indian squad’s 356 was their 2nd highest run chase in ODI versus England.

8) India vs Australia – (351/4) – Nagpur (2013)

India overpowered 351 runs versus Australia during the One-Day series at Nagpur, with 3 balls to go. Watson’s and Bailey’s hundreds were fruitless as the Indian squad’s top 3 played wonderfully. Kohli and Dhawan both hit a 100, whereas Rohit knocked an impressive tally of 79.

Team India set a record by becoming the 1st squad to hunt a score of 350+ twice in the same tournament. It also was the 3rd highest run chase in ODI versus the Aussies.

9) New Zealand vs Australia – (350/9) – Hamilton (2007)

The 3rd One-Day International among Australia and New Zealand was a nail-biter, with New Zealand getting a win on the last delivery. The Aussies scored 346 runs largely owing to a magnificent 181-run effort from Hayden as well as a 50 from Watson.

The New Zealand squad knocked down the highest run chase in ODI with 3 deliveries to go, with Craig (117/96) and McCullum’s 86. Craig’s outstanding knock featured 13 boundaries and 5 sixes.

10) England vs New Zealand – 350/3 – Nottingham (2015)

New Zealand scored 349 runs in their 1st session. Kane’s knock of 90 from 70 deliveries, combined with the fifties from Guptill and Eliott, propelled the team to an aggregate of over 300.

The English batting lineup, on the other hand, burst open their assault to take down the mark. Root and Morgan both scored 100s, whereas Hales chipped in with a 50 to help England complete the highest run chase in ODI.

Fans across the globe seem to have a knack for watching their favourite batsmen smash deliveries at their maximum potential. It’s not every day that we get to witness top-class performances from both teams in a match. Though the chances of such a coincidence happening are very slim, but it is an absolute delight when it happens.

In one-day internationals, batsmen seem to have perfected the art of chasing tallies. They start playing as per the goals they’ve established for themselves. If the goal is bigger, they begin to play their strokes instantaneously. They like to structure their game according to the objective, and that’s how the highest run chase in ODI marks its place in cricket history.