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highest score in odi

Top 5 Players Remembered For The Highest Score In ODI

In cricket, there seem to be extremely rare situations where a single player has got the win by posting the highest score in ODI. It usually occurs whenever a batter or a bowler delivers a spectacular performance. If a batter gets 150 or sometimes more runs during an ODI, his squad’s possibilities of winning rise exponentially.

There are very few games that are being experimented with as extensively as ODI cricket. Its 50-over version is the cricketing world’s shape-shifter. It is continually evolving to match up to the latest sentiments of participants and spectators.

highest score in odi

In ODIs, it is usually simpler to focus closely on the forthcoming ball as compared to the test matches. An ODI session is fairly easy to strategize. Well before entering the batter’s crease, a batter might psychologically plan out his effort. As a result, the batters come out onto the pitch with unmatched capacity and willingness to score big, and they manage to rack up a lot of runs!

Let’s Check Out The Top Cricketers Known For Their Highest Score In ODI Cricket

5) Fakhar Zaman

Zaman, a lefty maestro, seems to be as significant to the Pakistani squad as captain Azam. He had only featured in 3 Tests during the 3 years following his breakthrough but surpassed 50 ODI appearances. Zaman seems to be the quickest cricketer to gather 1,000 runs in 18 ODI games and has the most boundaries in the ODI version that rack up to 24, which he accomplished in an undefeated inning of 210 versus Zimbabwe in 2018.

He has been the only cricketer from Pakistan to register the Highest Score In ODI Cricket. During 2018, he hammered 210 runs from 156 deliveries versus Zimbabwe, featuring 24 boundaries and 5 sixes. In 2021, he got close to achieving his 2nd double century versus South Africa but got out at 193 runs.

4) Chris Gayle

Gayle stands out from the crowd due to his unshakable persistence. A handful of batters have made a mark for themselves by assaulting the bowling line-up. There would also be instances, however, when they could very well drop earlier, bringing the overall average down the hill as well. Chris has been efficient at retaining a relatively similar rhythm over and over, game after game. Some may argue that the risk is always around for many other batters, but no one can overlook Gayle’s hazard.

When Chris slammed a score of 215 runs from 147 deliveries versus Zimbabwe in 2015, he had become the 1st cricketer in the World Cup franchise to collect a double 100. During the innings, the charming batsman struck 10 fours coupled with 16 sixes, propelling the squad to a comfortable victory with the Highest Score In ODI.

3) Virender Sehwag

In one-day internationals, the famous Indian opening batsman Sehwag owns the global benchmark for the highest personal total as a skipper. During 2011, he struck a score of 219 runs from 149 deliveries versus the Windies. During his innings, the aggressive batsman blasted 25 fours and 7 sixes. He was the 2nd player after Sachin to register a double century in the ODI version during those times and made it to the list of players with the Highest Score In ODI.

2) Martin Guptill

Martin is a player from the NZ squad who plays as a leading batter. In the ODI version, Martin has always been a guiding light for the NZ batting order. When in rhythm, the highly proficient hitter with a remarkable knack for stroke placement seems to have the potential to unleash a bombardment on any bowling line-up. He pursues the basic intuitions, however rarely gets sidetracked to blow his wicket.

During 2015, he scored 237 runs from 163 deliveries in a game versus the Windies. It is indeed a World Cup benchmark for the Highest Score In ODI. With this performance, Martin had become the first New Zealand cricketer to have scored a double 100, smashing 24 fours and 11 sixes in all.

1) Rohit Sharma

In November 2014, Rohit reached the Highest Score In ODI history, a mammoth 264 for just 173 balls versus Sri Lanka in Kolkata, as the Indian team surpassed the 400 mark for the 2nd time in the genre.

Sharma’s knock showcased 33 fours coupled with 9 magnificent sixes, delivering us a tally of 186 runs with purely fours and sixes, more than anyone in the history of the sport! He got his 2nd double century in ODI cricket. Incredibly, he grabbed one of these again during 2017, this time against Sri Lanka in Mohali.

The futuristic attitude is an enormously solid case in support of batters. Batters are increasingly keen on striking fours and sixes from the instant they stride to the wicket, instead of beginning a game discreetly. This approach necessitates tremendous self-belief and self-assurance. To enhance run-scoring possibilities, batsmen are willing to surrender their wickets.

You never know; during this layout, the most you can do is generate enough traction to push through, and several charismatic cricketers have accomplished the same for their respective teams. The amount of enthusiasm that these batsmen radiate after posting such tremendous scores is simply too remarkable for other equally skilled batsmen in the cricket world to overlook. And this is how they get inspired to unleash fury upon the bowling lineup and ultimately make it to the list of the players with the Highest Score In ODI.

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