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highest wicket taker in odi

Who’s The Highest Wicket Taker In ODI?

Know The Top 10 Bowlers Who’ve Achieved The Feat

In today’s batsman-friendly environment, it’s difficult to progress as a bowler, whether at home ground or overseas. Only a bowler can instil dread in a batter by taking his wicket at duck just around a significant achievement during the game. There have been several instances in history where a bowler did exactly that and went on to become the highest wicket taker in ODI.

After test match cricket, the 2nd oldest format of the game, ODI Cricket, remains the next most challenging form to determine the magnificence of bowlers who’ve contested this format throughout history.

Highest Wicket Taker In ODI

The batters are cherished by all. They make the audience go bananas by smashing 6s and 4s. But who are the batsmen afraid of? After all, a bowler always has the power to single-handedly put them back to the dressing rooms and grab the title for the highest wicket taker in ODI.

Who’s The Highest Wicket Taker In ODI? Let’s squint at the charts!

10) Sanath Jayasuriya

Jayasuriya made his debut as a spin bowler, however, by the time1996 World Cup came around, he had revolutionized the art of emergency batting. He got his start as that of a bowler who could also hit, and afterwards blossomed into a genuine all-rounder. He could change games around with his skills on any particular occasion.

Furthermore, he who has been acknowledged as the highest wicket taker in ODI is placed at number 10 upon the chart of greatest ODI wicket-takers.

From 1989 to 2011, he was a slow left armed conventional bowler who collected 323 wickets while appearing in 368 sessions over 445 games.

9) Anil Kumble

On the pitch, he is famous for being fiercely passionate and tough. At no point whatsoever does he seem to give up.

He has thrown deliveries with injured knees and performed with a fractured jaw and cracked fingers. He used to have a remarkable potential to deal with injuries. His game improved substantially as a result of this and led him to become the highest wicket taker in ODI, later in his career.

Kumble, the famous Indian right armed spinner, is known for his sophisticated and consistent contributions to the squad during 1990-2007. In 271 ODI games, he featured in 265 sessions and collected 337 wickets while handing 10412 runs in 14496 deliveries.

His Bowling Average is 30.89, and he possesses an Economy Rate of 4.30. Being one of the team’s premier bowlers, he’s one of four Indian cricketers incorporated into the ICC Hall of Fame and is the only Indian to be the highest wicket taker in ODI.

8) Brett Lee

Retired Aussie sensation Brett Lee is placed 8th upon the list of ODI players with the most wickets. During 2000-2012, this right armed pacer featured in 217/221 ODI matches, capturing a tally of 380 wickets.

Brett was one of the sharpest bowlers, recording a cruising pace of 161.1 kmph, second only to Shoaib’s 161.4 kmph.

He was the highest wicket taker in ODI from Australia. Lee was recognized for his rapid deliveries, charm, wicket-celebrating ways, as well as some significant hitting talents at the finish. Lee stood apart among the other Aussie cricketers and never got into sledging. He performed in complete sportsman spirit every time he hit the ground.

7) Glen McGrath

McGrath, the maestro, was an all-around combination of personality, technique, and intellect. His bowling had a measurable aspect of technique, but the mindset and intelligence amplified it tremendously.

His ability to go on non-stop for 30 overs in the sweltering sun and various other torturing conditions while knowing that his wife was fighting cancer back home, was unmatched. These situations elevated his skills to a higher state. The information that he carried about the batter’s flaws, removal techniques, as well as a sledge that could knock him out bolstered his arsenal.

Glenn, a former right armed pacer, is the 2nd highest wicket taker in ODI from Australia, collecting 381 wickets in 248 innings in 250 matches during 1993-2007.

He threw 12970 deliveries and netted 8391 runs all through this period. As an outcome, he used to have an average of 22.02 coupled with an economy rate of 3.88. Throughout the 1990s, he had been a pivotal figure in the Australian cricket team’s supremacy.

6) Shawn Pollock

Shaun Pollock, a retired South African cricketer who represented his nation as a right-arm medium-fast pacer in global cricket, is the 6th highest wicket taker in ODI.

During his ODI tenure, spanning 1996-2008, he grabbed 393 wickets by participating in 297/303 games. With a Bowling Average of 24.50 as well as an Economy rate that reached 3.67, he had given 9631 runs with 15712 deliveries. Shawn had been a true all-rounder and perhaps one of the most frightening bowlers in the game.

5) Shahid Afridi

Afridi, a retired Pakistani cricketer and among the most destructive smashers in world cricket, is the highest wicket taker in ODI. He was a right armed leg-spinner for Pakistan during 1996-2015, featuring in 372/398 matches and claiming an aggregate of 395 wickets

During this time, he gave away 13632 runs through 17670 deliveries, with an average of 34.51 coupled with an Economy Rate that peaked at 4.62. Although the entire world thinks otherwise, Shahid feels he had been a better bowler than a hitter. And rightfully so, he’s the 5th highest wicket taker in ODI.

4) Chaminda Vaas

Chaminda, an erstwhile international cricket legend, is an obvious mention as the highest wicket taker in ODI. During 1994-2008, this left armed medium-fast bowler represented his team. He participated in 320/322 ODI games and gathered 400 wickets.

Throughout this time, Vaas spun 15775 deliveries for 11014 runs, providing him with an average of 27.53 supported with an economy rating of 4.18. He seems to be the only bowler in the ODI history to achieve an 8-wicket haul and stands tall as the 4th highest wicket taker in ODI.

Chaminda had been a trailblazer in Sri Lankan speed and swing. Right after making his global debut, he rapidly progressed up the charts. For nearly 15 years, he commanded the Sri Lankan squad’s bowling assault.

3) Waqar Younis

Waqar Younis, a retired Pakistani bowler, is the 3rd person on the roster of individuals with the most ODI wickets, with an astonishing 416 wickets in 258/262 games throughout his ODI stint during 1989-2003.

With 12698 deliveries, he surrendered 9919 runs. The bowling average that he holds is 23.84 with a 4.68 Economic Rating. Considering his frightening strikes, this right armed pacer is regarded as one of the greatest players in history and still hold his rank strong as the 3rd highest wicket taker in ODI.

2) Wasim Akram

Wasim is one of the very few global cricketers who hasn’t even played at the domestic level before making his debut appearance. He also hasn’t played cricket for his college club. Traditionally, the trials for the Pakistan squad were carried at a stadium having huge crowds, with the fastest bowler getting picked for the squad.

Miandad was present at the Gaddafi Stadium screening process. He became tremendously delighted by Wasim when he got his shot on the 3rd day and threw the debut delivery. Miandad immediately declared his name for the national squad.

Akram, the 2nd highest wicket taker in ODI, has an astounding 502 wickets from 351/356 games throughout his ODI tenure, which spanned 1984-2003. He threw 18186 deliveries for 11812 runs, earning him an average of 23.52 with an economy rate that reached 3.89.

The left armed speedster is very well known for his reverse swing delivery, which he has been acknowledged for devising.

1) Muttiah Muralitharan

Muralitharan, a retired right armed spinner for Sri Lanka, heads the chart of the greatest ODI wicket-takers with 534 wickets. Between 1993 and 2011, he was a part of his national team, participating in 341/350 ODIs.

Throughout this period, he threw 18811 deliveries and gave 12326 runs, which earned him an average of 23.08 decorated with an economy of 3.93. This player is the only Sri Lankan cricketer in the ICC Hall of Fame and the highest wicket taker in ODI.

At any moment, a pivotal 5-wicket haul by the bowler can trigger a huge disruption. Everyone has grabbed wickets with their technical acumen, whether great pacers or iconic spin bowlers, to support their club during the vital playoff matches.

Although cricket has always been a batter’s sport, there have been bowlers who, due to their outstanding abilities, have been a tough challenge for the batsmen. A bowler has equal status as batters in ODI format because he has the potential to devastate great batting lineups and become the highest wicket taker in ODI.

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