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List of Highest Wicket Taker in test Cricket

List of Highest Wicket Taker in test Cricket

Hey, cricket fans! You have arrived at the best destination to know every little cricket update. A very curious thing for the fans can be anything, like who is the highest wicket taker in test cricket? Do not worry, here is a long list that can clear your questions right away! Have a look at the list and know all the top wicket takers who have changed the game

Muttiah Muralitharan from Sri Lanka is the highest wicket taker in test cricket. He is a great spinner who has shown some of the mesmerizing performances in the field. He has made his 18 years of career during which we have seen a lot of slamming performances by the player.

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Here is the list:


He is from Sri Lanka and took 800 wickets! This number is incredible, and no player has come close to this figure. In 230 winnings, he took 800 wickets! The average rate of 22.72 and a strike rate of 55.0 is great in this matter. 

He played his first test match in 1992, and his last match was in 2010. This record is unbreakable till now, and no one knows who can beat this great record. It will take a huge effort for any bowler to come close to this record and beat this. 


He is one highest wicket taker in test for Australia, is a former player from Australia and a great spinner who has made his presence felt every time he came to the field. He took 708 wicket in 273 innings, with the average rate of 25.41 and then a strike rate of 57.4 

Great bowler has given great performances ever! He was all about “Ball of the century” as he was specialized in his bowling skills. No doubt he had to be highest wicket taker in test cricket as one cannot beat him easily. 

He made one great record against West Indies in 1992, 7 for 52 and then 8 for 71, this was made against England! 

Then 4 for 31, which he made against England again in 2005. He played his last test match in the year 2007. 


He is the highest wicket taker in test from the England team and played his first test match in 2003. He took 600 wickets in the test match. The best thing about the player is his longevity in his career. The player’s best performance is still the 7 for 42 that was against the West Indies team. 

If you know, you know the player is one amazing bowler who has created some of the biggest records possible. One famous player who created a good will for the England team and worked hard for it. 


He is the highest wicket taker from the Indian team. One great bowler who was able to take 619 wickets in 236 innings! His average rate was 29.65 and it also included 35 wicket hauls and 10 wickets in a test match 8 times.

The player helped the Indian team win many times because of his great capabilities and skills. He played his last test match in 2008 and undoubtedly known as one of the best Indian bowlers. 


He is also one famous bowler from the Australian team. One former player but a great pacer who has won millions of hearts. He took 563 wickets only in 243 innings with a strike rate of 21.64 as well as 51.9.

The player is imbibed with great talent, which is shown on the field. Here are some great performances which he has given around his career. 

8 for 24, match with Pakistan team in 2004.

5 for 14, match with West Indies in 1999

5 for 21, match with South Africa in 2002. 

These are some of his best performances in the test matches. 


He is a bowler from the England team and undoubtedly one of the best bowlers you would see, also he took 537 wickets and also known as highest wicket taker in test matches from the England team and has grabbed wickets in a unique style that every bowler craves. 

He took 537 wickets in 280 innings, which is immense. 

If you all remember, his great performance was seen in the Lord’s in the year 2012 against the West Indies team. He won hearts from that position and gained a huge fan following then and there only. He got the title of highest wicket taker in test match and became much more popular. 


An impressive bowler, must say! He is from the West Indies team, played, and won millions of hearts! He took 519 wickets in just 242 innings. If we remember his greatest performances, it has to be one against the New Zealand team in 1985 where his performance goes for 7 wicket for 37 runs. 


Here is the list of highest wicket taker in test matches! You must have gone through the memory lane reading this. All the players are skilled enough and never left a chance to mesmerize the audience with their performance. Seeing them again in the field is a dream for many! You can read more on the Fantasy Dangal app, and get many more updates about cricket. Download the app to play and earn as well. Good luck! Make your team now.