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Online gaming has been in the trend for a long time now. But from the lockdown period, it is given a lot more important than before. It is played for fun and also with an aim to earn money or some passive income. You can easily have fun and earn money out of it. Isn’t it exciting? Both the things are coming in one wave. 

You can play some online fantasy games to earn some extra money out of it. These are some online games that will give you the best outcome from your free time. It would be best to coordinate your luck and brain to ace in these fantasy games. 

Here are some of the online gaming platforms that can help you earn money. With these games, you can have some fun as well as money. 


It is an online sports gaming platform that offers the users to play up to 50casual games only on one platform. You have to sign up with the platform and start playing to earn. Also, you have this amazing offer to refer and earn with this. There are already so many users enjoying the gaming experience with Dangal Games

It allows you to play any game of your choice, be it carrom, eight ball pool, knife games, running games etc. You need to pick out your favourite game and get going with it. It is a very flexible website for users. They can sign up and log in anytime they want to play. There are so many exciting and huge offers coming up daily on the platform for our players to win. 

The games are really easy and can be played by any of you. You can have a start with this online gaming with Dangal Games now. While having fun, make money out of it. 


Fantasy Dangal is an application for gamers to enjoy all fantasy games. Many people have this new craze of playing fantasy cricket by making up their teams and earning cash out of it. It is a different fun thing to get a player’s feeling in a match. You can select your own team and play for that cricket match. It is a very user-friendly app and gives the joy to its users to have a good experience. 

Not just cricket, but you can enjoy other fantasy games as well on the Fantasy Dangal app


Where are you, RUMMY FANS? Rummy Dangal is here for all those people who love the game and want to earn some money out of it. We are here for you to play with your live opponents and competitors. It is more fun when you have people with you to play with. 

Play and earn with the most exciting game. It makes the player go crazy as it gives out so many exhilarating awards every day. 


We cannot forget our poker people over here. They love the game and would love the idea of earning money out of it. Playing this cool game would make you go mad about it. We all know how fun it is to play poker, and Poker Dangal is here to make you win some drooling awards by playing the game. 

You can play different contests every day and win some exciting prizes. Matches are happening daily on the Poker Dangal platform, which can help you to earn money by having fun with the games. These games are not played in casinos but by sitting in your homes. 


Come out, our inquisitive people! This app helps people to answer some of the questions related to the things like current affairs, computers, Bollywood, culture or sports etc. these are some easy questions that the user can answer and win some huge cash rewards. This app is a duo of unlimited fun as well as winning prizes. Also, you can use the app flexibly and answer questions. 

Whenever the player would give a correct answer, then he or she would win 10 points for it. 

Like this, you can answer further questions and win a lot many prizes. 


All the people who love rummy can play this game with great interest. This is a card variant game which is really interesting for the people who love card games. The player has this chance to choose among 2 or 6 player tables. Free rummy tournaments are happening on the app and some of the multi-table tournaments. 

There are live opponents in the match with whom you can enjoy and compete in the match. 


It is also an app where people can have fun by doing some brainy activities. You can play quizzes, and now they have six games for you to enjoy and earn money. You can play box tower, bubble shooter, fruit slash, candy slash, don’t crash, earth hero. These are some of the games which you can enjoy to earn money. The users can play the hourly quizzes and the rest of the games. 


It is one of the most popular games which is loved by the majority of people. It is a pool game which people can enjoy. If you know how to play pool games, it would be the best option for you. The player has to pot the balls and get the highest number of balls. It is also considered to be one of the best ways to make your money while playing an online game. 


This is how one can make extra money while playing games online. These are some of the best gaming platforms for you to enjoy. Who doesn’t like extra money coming into their pockets? You can play and earn at the same time. This is something like a quick source for you to make money. Also, these games have a particular value which can be won in a day or a month by the user.