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Fantasy gaming is the new trend! It has genuinely created a huge impact on the online gaming industry. People are so immersed in fantasy games now. We can find several fantasy apps that help us have fun and earn money simultaneously. Fantasy apps have so many matches and tournaments happening on a daily basis, and the audience can participate in and win huge money prizes and other rewards every day. 

Cricket is a sport, which people have molded into money earning way. Now, making your teams on fantasy cricket apps and playing matches would lead to real money prizes for the users. The fantasy gaming industry is already touching heights and has a lot of many users who are genuinely interested in the game. 

According to the KPMG report, the fantasy gaming industry of India is generating a revenue of approximately $65.3 billion which is huge!!! This shows how keenly people are interested in the sport. Also, it is talked about reaching $118.8 billion by the year 2023. If we see, the number of users for online games has increased at such a rapid rate, they have increased by 15 times in the last ten years. Online gaming had attracted many users, mostly in the lockdown period when people were sourcing a way to have a good time pass and also earn some passive income at the same time. Who knew? Fantasy sports would be the best way to have both things at the same time. 

Also, the affordable prices for smartphones, internet connections, and data for phones are some of the main reasons that helped for the expeditious growth of fantasy gaming or the online gaming industry in the country. 


People from all around the globe have been participating in fantasy gaming. It is also seen that the inflow of foreign investments into the fantasy gaming apps and platforms has been approximately $20.5 million in 2018 and 2019, which is huge for the country. We know so many fantasy apps which have been around us to help us play and earn huge prizes every day. These fantasy apps come under the real money gaming category for the online sports and gaming industry. They stand upon the colossal love and popularity of cricket in the country. 

Also, now the step was taken to broaden the fantasy gaming arena, with other fantasy sports added. Now, fantasy sports do not only include cricket, but other sports like kabaddi, football, basketball, etc. these games also have so many fans who wanted it to be there.

Suppose there is a strong connection between the real world games and the fantasy games. In that case, the fantasy sports industry helps increase the users and participants for the game, resulting in increased and huge revenues for the online gaming industry. 


There is a huge number of fantasy fans dedicated to the game and play it every day for their own fun purpose. There are so many matches happening daily. There are some practice matches available on the fantasy apps for our beginners, which does not include any money in the game. And on the other side, there are some cash leagues that are for our fantasy experts. This includes real money to be played upon. So, you can choose accordingly and enjoy the match. It is observed that many fantasy fans play the game 2 or 3 times a week and earn money from that. 

People engage in these fantasy games for their fun purpose and earn money. As these fantasy games are also legal, people enjoy them more. Also, people have this amazing opportunity to make predictions in these fantasy apps and make money out of them. In India, people are used to making bets and predictions for the matches, and the fantasy apps allow these people to do it legally and make money out of it. Also, these fantasy sports would soon be the major segment of the online gaming industry. 


The Fantasy Dangal app has so many opportunities for our fantasy champs! There are fantasy games available to play for the users. You can win your desired prizes from the app and have a wholesome gaming experience. The app already has so many users who are playing dedicatedly every day to have a joyous experience while also making money out of it at the same time. Why are you waiting? You can also download the Fantasy Dangal app and make your own team to win some exciting prizes every day. 

These fantasy games have set up the target for the online sports industry. Many people have indulged in this, and many more would!