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How Many Times RCB Won IPL

How many times RCB won IPL?

IPL is nothing short but a festival for cricket lovers around the world and we Indians surely know how to celebrate a festival. All the players of every other country around the globe create teams that eventually face each other in an adventurous 3 hour battle in a format of cricket known as T20. 8 teams named after 8 cities or states from India, 392 players, 27 days, and nationwide sensational phenomena of lifting the IPL trophy. But it’s time to talk about the star cast now! One of the most asked random questions regarding the tournament is that how many times RCB won IPL?

So, the answer to the most asked question of how many times RCB won IPL is none! Yes, hard to swallow when you get to know that players like Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, Aaron Finch, and many more are a part of this team. RCB has never held the cup of IPL. Different mouths have different theories on this power packed team for not going home with the winner’s check but none of them can justify the team’s hard work, patience, and luck.

How many times RCB won IPL

The team did it all, from changing the batting lineup to completely changing the players, from changing the jersey design to being a runner-up as well as getting out in play-offs, they have done it all, except for breaking their losing streak. Overall, we can say that they gave it all but in the end, it didn’t even matter.

How Many Times RCB Won IPL?

One of the major reasons why the audience asks how many times RCB won IPL is that they just want to what answers they can get to an obvious situation. RCB has always caught the eye of spectators by bringing storming lineups such as Chris Gayle and Kevin Pieterson but not a lot can be said for the bowling lineup. Even though Yuzvendra Chahal and Navdeep Saini amount enough to put pressure on the opposite team, there’s still something missing from the overall journey of the 11 ‘challengers’. Although 3 times runner-ups and 1-time semi-finalist, the team leaves no wicket unturned to give their fans the slightest hope that they got it and they will have it one day.

There have been many instances of RCB performing so well that even their promoters were shocked and skipped a meal in hopes they really got a chance. (Just kidding, they always think so) but RCB is never behind in setting records. When you have Chris Gayle you can easily set up the record for the highest run in a single T20 match of 263 on 23 April 2013 vs Pune Warriors. Chris lived up to his name and hit 175 runs out of 66 balls with an astonishing strike rate of 265.15.

Ee Sala Cup Namde!

Now, wipe that smile off your face and know this too that RCB also has the record for scoring the lowest in IPL that is 49 runs. Imagine having 11 players and still unable to hit a half-century overall. Chills! All we know is that RCB is a hustler. Holding most IPL centuries for any team, most sixes hit by a team, most runs in an IPL season, and fastest IPL century, these daredevils just don’t know when to give up and why should they. They have the same chance as everybody to win this cup with unmatched potential and the love of their fans.

Although coach Mike Hesson made a bold statement about the team’s performance this year and as the world says, wind, tide, and luck wait for none, this year could be RCB’s. Imagine being the source of dedication and motivation for everyone who has high hopes from the team, sweating off to prove that they are no less worthy. Well even if they don’t win they’re still a source of inspiration for memers. Just like every year, IPL 2021 brings a lot of promises for RCB and their fans that they will take home the elusive silverware. So, now if someone asks how many times RCB won IPL. Don’t just say no, shout, “Ee Sala Cup Namde!”.

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