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Everyone tells you to choose the best captain and vice-captain for your fantasy cricket team because they have this supreme power of fetching extra points for your team. But does anyone tell you how to choose that captain for your team? 

Some of the well-known cricketers have acquired the ability to give dazzling performances. Those some of the cricketers shall always be prioritized by you to be the captain and those cricketers who have been performing well from the recent matches. 

Now in order to win the fantasy cricket match, you need to make your fantasy cricket team to earn points and money as well. Your team plays the most important role in winning, so you need to make it with deep and wise thoughts. 

So, for your help, we are here with some of the most suggested tips and tricks to make your team and choose your captain for the team. Captain and vice-captain fetch extra points from the rest of the players, so you should choose them wisely. 


Let us start with,

  • In case of a weak team, the bowlers would be taking wickets rapidly, or the top batsmen, when playing, will be playing the majority of innings and also can score well. 

Now, in this matter, it is best to remain outside of the medium level batsmen. 

  • In the case that both the competing teams tend to be strong, then the all-rounder should be chosen as the captain for the team. The all-rounders are able to manage the whole game in all aspects. The captain should be able to bat and also should do the perfect balling for the team. 
  • Now, if you lack the points in the game to buy the top all-rounders, you should go for the good and trustworthy middle-level batsmen. Also they should be having a good strike rate. These types of players could be reliable for the team to play and handle the match if any different consequences or situations are happening in the match. 
  • When we see most fantasy cricket players, they always emphasize choosing the top batsmen for their team, but in many situations, the bowlers could be more useful for your team. They are able to dig out most of the wickets which help in the victory of your team. When bowlers come and take out most of the wickets, it is very helpful for your team to win the match.
  • Always try to choose your captain and vice-captain from some of the different teams. That would help score more points and have different strategies in the game. You can get more scores while having two different players. The captain and vice-captain shall always be in the same boat to make you win in the match. 
  • Do not try to choose your favourite players in the team, and they could not be performing well in some matches. Always track the players’ recent performances to choose them in your team. They should perform well if they are coming into the team. Your favourite players could make you lose the match, and also, if your money is involved, it would be more heartbreaking for you in that matter. 
  • Also, don’t play every match or tournament that is happening on the daily basis. You should play the matches wisely as your money is also involved here in these matches. Sometimes the users do not have much knowledge about the players and also about their playing history records, so in that matter, you should just not over-invest in the matches. 
  • Also, when you choose your captain and vice-captain for the team, you should think of those players who are there with the minimum risk in your team. It would be best if you chose them awareness and should be able to choose the best ones for your team so that you don’t lose the match. Try to choose the captain and vice-captain with mixtures and variations, and they could be able to fetch you much more points than the rest of the players.


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