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The industry of fantasy cricket is touching heights and is becoming extremely popular among people. These are some of the reasons that help boost and escalate the growth of fantasy cricket in India. During the lockdown period, most people were inclined towards the online gaming sector and showed their interest mainly in real money-earning games. People wanted to earn passive income in the lockdown period because no other source was left to make money. 

The fantasy cricket industry is that one platform that saw an unexpected boost, and many audiences joined the initiative. There are so many fantasy cricket apps that have been filled with several users who want to play and earn money with the platform. 

There are so many games available apart from cricket on these fantasy apps which you can enjoy. According to the reports seen, approximately 100 million users are already invested in fantasy gaming. IPL and T20 world cup has been added on as cherry on top. IPL and the T20 world cup add crisp and madness to the fantasy apps and fantasy gaming world. 

The fantasy apps started conducting cricket championships and contests that could attract more and more users. With the increasing number of tournaments and matches, participation increased at a larger pace. 

Our cricket fans and fantasy champions show their interest in these matches, but some big brands and advertisers also came to show their interest in fantasy gaming. 


In the pre-IPL period, there was no such growth seen in fantasy cricket gaming. But when we saw the results for the post-IPL period, it was a rise of 30-40% in the revenues. Not just payments, it was also the participation seen for the users in the fantasy cricket apps. The growth for participants is increasing after each and every match. 

And when the thing comes for the world cup, it turns out to be a huge success for the fantasy cricket gaming. The world cup generates much more revenue than IPL. It has already been seen that cricket is like a religion in India and has an immense number of fans who keep supporting the game. 

People go mad about cricket games and matches. Now, when it comes to the T20 world cup, not just cricket fans but all of India come in front of their TVs to see the match. People come to support their teams; that love and craze for the game is just heart-touching. People see cricket as an emotion here, not just a normal game. 

And when there is so much audience for the T20 world cup match, it automatically comes to the fantasy cricket apps. The fantasy cricket apps also have this thing for the players to predict. 

It is just like the festive sales when people are jumping on to the e-commerce platforms for the best deals on things. And in this case, more and more users would be hopping between some of the fantasy platforms for the rewards and recognition. 


The Fantasy Dangal app is one of the best platforms to enjoy your favorite fantasy game. Not just cricket, but also fantasy Kabaddi and others to enjoy and make money as well. 

There are so many tournaments and matches available every day for the users to play. You can easily make your team on the app and start playing. Download the app first, and then you can have the best gaming experience with the app. You can also win huge cash prizes, which could be instantly withdrawn into your bank accounts. You don’t have to worry about your rewards because that is the best thing about the Fantasy Dangal app. You get your hassle-free income of prizes. 

Hurry, download the app now to make your fantasy cricket team with the Fantasy Dangal app. You can win up to Rs1. Lakh every day with the app. 


We have seen that the fantasy gaming industry is showing some rapid growth with their revenue and their participants as well. More and more people are coming up to play and earn money with these platforms.

There are so many reasons for the growth of the fantasy gaming industry, but the IPL matches and the T20 world cup remains the best drivers for the same. People participate much more enthusiastically in the fantasy cricket matches whenever these matches come. Here they get more rewards and recognition for their skills and gaming. They get much more inclined towards the fantasy gaming arena to enjoy and earn money. 

So, you can also become a part of the fantasy gaming journey and earn huge amounts of money every day with the apps.