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Indian National Cricket Team Coaches

Top 5 Indian National Cricket Coaches

Indian National Cricket Team Coaches: The post of the coach was incorporated in 1990 when erstwhile spinner Bishan Singh Bedi was assigned to the job. Since that day, India got guided through a total of 12 individuals, who have been mostly retired cricketers, 9 of whom are erstwhile Indian cricketers.

While picking the most effective Indian national cricket team coaches, one may consider aspects like effective interaction, relationship constructing capabilities, and analytical qualities. Language skills don’t imply that he would always interact in ways that allow the cricketers to grasp what he’s attempting to say. This also signifies that his message must fascinate as well as encourage the squad. The coach must earn the trust of the squad by treating them with dignity and compassion.

indian national cricket team coaches

The indian national cricket team coaches are famous to seek for ways to address a player’s challenges. It could be anywhere from cricket-oriented concerns to family issues. Whenever a coach thinks something might be wrong with the way a specific individual is performing or acting, he can engage with him and attempt to come up with a workable remedy.

Let’s eyeball the 5 best Indian National Cricket Team Coaches

1) Ajit Wadekar

During his captaincy, he propelled the squad to a couple of overseas triumphs, following India’s lack of performance in the World Cup (1992), he ended up grabbing the baton as a coach from Abbas Baig.

Ajit later became known as one of the most capable Indian national cricket team coaches, guiding the side through 22 Tests & 71 ODIs. India won 11 Test matches and stayed undefeated all through the layout under Ajit’s coaching from 1992 to 1994, which included a 3-0 demolition of a formidable visiting England squad that featured Gooch, Stewart, Gatting, Neil, and Hick.

India proceeded to clinch 41/71 One-Days which Ajit led, progressing towards the semis in the 1996 World Cup. The Indian squad won a lot of overseas championships under Wadekar’s leadership. Team India faced difficulties beyond the subcontinent through his term, with the drawn series versus New Zealand during 1994 marking their biggest achievement outside of their region.

4) Duncan Fletcher

Shortly after the Indian squad’s World Cup triumph during 2011, the veteran cricketer Duncan who propelled Zimbabwe to their 1st World Cup victory, grabbed the baton from Kirsten, who himself is listed as one of the best Indian national cricket team coaches.

The Champions Trophy (2013), making it to the finale of the World Twenty20 (2014), and heading into the semis of the World Cup (2015) were among the squad’s greatest achievements with him. Unfortunately, Team India suffered some failures internationally, including 4-0 Test-Match series disgraces in 2011-12 and the games lost to the Aussies in 2014-15.

Team India’s most notable win beyond the region, was the huge ODI-series triumph versus England during 2014. Our squad had clinched 8 successive series, including the Champions Trophy, from January to November (2013). 

India was completely unstoppable at home ground with Fletcher, devastating the Australian squad by 4-0 during the 2013 Border-Gavaskar Cup. Although bringing the Indian squad into the World Cup semis (2015), his term was not retained. He is still remembered as one of the best Indian national cricket team coaches.

3) Anil Kumble

The few games we managed to drop were just the Twenty20 series versus the Windies and the Champions Trophy (2017), that we lost to the Pakistani squad. The Indan team won 11/15 Test-matches, 8/13 ODIs, and 2/5 Twenty20 Internationals.

Kumble’s tenure was supposed to be extended after the Champions Trophy, with the BCCI’s Cricket Advisory Panel signaling his reappointment as the coach. Unfortunately, the veteran spinner ended up quitting his post. Reports claimed that a conflict between Kumble and captain Virat was the cause for his resignation.

Anil is known to be one of the finest Indian national cricket team coaches. He could perhaps have carried the Indian team to unimaginable peaks if he hadn’t withdrawn.

2) Gary Kirsten

Kirsten was pivotal in India’s World Cup (2011) win. The Indian squad progressed tremendously under Gary’s supervision, with several younger cricketers featuring Virat, Rohit, and Raina leading the line.

Gary seemed to have a fantastic relation with Dhoni. It indeed became one of the sport’s most renowned coach-skipper duos. During 2009, it helped India become the globe’s best-ranked Test squad. During 2008 & 2010, our squad won 2 Test-Match series versus the Australians, coupled with achievements overseas, beating NZ in a Test-Match series on their home ground, and drawing a series in South Africa during 2010.

Team India proceeded to win foreign series in NZ in ODIs with Gary, claimed the Asia Cup (2010). Not only this but the country also bagged the World Cup (2011). Gary was lifted on the shoulders of the Indian team. He was also hailed as one of the best Indian national cricket team coaches.

1) John Wright

Following the match-fixing hullabaloo during 2000, Wright contributed to the restructuring of the whole team. Indian cricket underwent its gloomiest moment in 2000, as captain Azhar and Jadeja were charged with match-fixing.

India was provided with a new skipper, Ganguly, and a new coach, John, the 1st foreigner to lead and manage the Indian team. Indian cricketing prospered through John and Ganguly’s collaboration, as they dominated Test-Matches and Limited overs on foreign lands.

Talented players like Yuvraj, Sehwag, Zaheer, and Harbhajan were provided with the opportunity to flourish through the reign. Team India had some of their greatest victorious times during John’s coaching. Out of which, halting the Aussies’ 16 match spree during 2001 & capturing the match in Chennai was the biggest. Further achievements were clinching the Natwest Series (2002), and thrashing Pakistan in Test-Matches and limited-overs. Pakistan tasted loss in their home ground in 2004.

India shared the Champions Trophy during 2002, but the best achievement with John was making it to the World Cup final during 2003. Undoubtedly, Gary aided India’s World Cup success, but Wright had assembled the squad from the ground up. John slightly knocks Gary for rank 01 and is the best on the list of Indian national cricket team coaches.


The skipper’s duty in the game is to make critical choices, and it’s more vital when the squad is defending. He must arrange the outfield layouts and should be willing to make needed adjustments if the original strategy collapses. Since he gets seated in the pavilion, a coach has comparatively minimal influence during a game.

With no question, Indian national cricket team coaches have performed crucial responsibilities. However, the structure of the squad has to be the duty of the administration and recruiters. Authorities must choose a balanced roster that includes great bowling, batting, and fielding line-up. That would be the main and most valuable factor. When a great squad has been assembled, the coach’s task is to assure that they are fully trained. The coach is supposed to make sure that the squad has great reflexes and top-notch performance.

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