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The fielders play a very important role in assessing the goodwill of the match. They have to sharpen their skills to have a game which is on their side. The chances could be damaged drastically of winning if the fielders are not doing their job properly. And if the fielder is successful in taking any blinder then the team automatically gets a boost and also get the dominance in the match. 

The game really depends on the factor that how many catches are done in the match. The most catches in IPL are done by some of the players. The teams really prefer that they are choosing the best players for their teams so that they could have more chances of winning.

Lets see some of the players who are famous for having most catches in the IPL seasons. 



He is said to be the one of substantial fielder in history of Indian cricket. He has done some 102 catches in the IPL game. This is something commendable, because taking some heavy catches is not that easy what it seems to be! The fielders have to go through the hard work so that they could make the match go on their side. He played from the team of Chennai Super Kings and previously, he was the captain for Gujarat Lions as well. But the team got banned after some time. His ratio for per inning for catches is 0.531 in total of 192 innings. 


This is a very unpredictable player and has given some huge surprises to his fans by his excellent performances. His catches were incredible which he did and he is also famous for having most catches in IPL. He took 92 catches in 71 innings. He has a ratio of 0.5. For him, his greatest advantage is also his height which he takes benefit for and, undoubtedly the West Indies team has one of the greatest players in their team. He performs in the field like every player craves for. He is respected for that in the field of cricket and has massive amount of fan following all around the world. 


He is the captain for his team Mumbai Indians in the IPL and now fielding inside the circle. He has played some 207 matches in the IPL and has taken 89 catches in that. As a captain, he has earned the most of the titles in IPL. Having most of catches in IPL, he has also made his place in some good fielders as well. He really performs very well when he comes to the field. People just appreciate how he plays and also keeps his captaincy in the place. 


He has grabbed some of the 83 catches in the IPL game and is genuinely a player which every team wants. And also has shown some outstanding performances in his games and when he comes to the field, people just have their hopes up! He took 83 catches in the 122 innings and also some most of catches taken in IPL which is some big achievement for the player. 

His ratio is 0.68 and it is the highest one for any player in the history of tournament with only 30 catches. 


He is one of the favorite and most successful batsman in the Indian Premier League. He plays from the team of Mumbai Indians and has shown some smashing results in his all of the games. Earlier he also played from Deccan Chargers, Sunrisers Hyderabad. He has taken some 81 catches in the game of IPL and took 81 catches in the 184 innings and that is something good for the player. He also scored 380 runs and was the lead scorer for the Indian Premier League 2021. 


These players have did some commendable jobs in their matches respectively. They did most of catches in IPL and have made their names in the history of Indian Premier League. They played really well and showed immense and shocking results with their games. People have their hopes high with some of the fielders who help in changing the game totally. They play with full enthusiasm and help their teams dominate in the match. They have shown some most catches in IPL and grabbed them so that they could make their team win.

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