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Most expensive player in IPL history

Most expensive player in IPL history


All the cricket fans are fond of their favorite time of the year, the Indian premier league. The players from different countries have their auctions done. There is one player in every season who gets the most demand from the teams and is considered the most expensive player in IPL history.  We all get to know who the most desirable player is in the season! IPL is the festive season for the cricket fans. The teams try to select the best players for them to be on top for the season.  Who does not know that Chris Morris has recently made his game up and raised the bar by increasing his performance as well as made his position in the most expensive player of IPL history? In the Indian Premier League auction, this player had a fantastic fan following and was known to be the most expensive in IPL history.


Chris Morris made his position on the throne of the most expensive player in IPL history. He has broken all the records and made his auction bid money to such a high level. He also made a move to dethrone Yuvraj Singh from the position of the most expensive player in IPL. It was tremendously shocking to see the rise of approximately 21 lakhs than Yuvraj Singh. He had a bid of around 16.25 crores from the team of Rajasthan Royals. Chris Morris is an an all-rounder and has won millions of hearts. Chris Morris made history in the IPL! He is from the South Africa team and has joined the Rajasthan Royals team now. This bid made him the second-highest earner of the IPL because the first one remains Virat Kohli. 

Most expensive player in IPL history


He turned to be the second most expensive player and also he was degraded from the position. Chris Morris just hijacked his position. He had his auction bid of around 16.00 crores which is a huge thing as well. Previously, he was at the big throne for the most expensive player in IPL, but now Chris Morris just gave him the second position. 

Delhi capitals took the player in year 2015. He was also a popular an all-rounder in the Indian cricket team. In 2015 he resulted to be the most expensive player in IPL history. 


  In the IPL auctions, the overseas players have always been in demand, and he created history in 2020 by being the most expensive player in IPL in the overseas countries. Kolkata team bought him in 15.25 crores which is a big deal.The side of Virat Kohli was very keen to spend a price of 15.25 crore on the player. Patt Cummins made his demand all over and also has a solid fan base all around the globe also. 


He also had a considerable auction bid made on the player. He was also in a prosperous stage where the teams demanded him. At last, we were won by the team of Pune or (RISING PUNE SUPERGIANT). Ben stokes is known to be having the most impressive and mind-blowing debut season in the IPL, where he was able to score 316 runs and made an effort to scalp 12 wickets which is a massive record. Making a history is important and an achievement if a player is coming in the list of most expensive player in IPL history. 

No doubt, the teams were keenly excited to buy the player at any given price. 

5. Glenn Maxwell 

He is a well-known player in the cricket fan base. The team of Royal challengers Bangalore won an all-rounder from the group of Australia. So he was also at some terrible position in the team of Punjab at an overall strike rate of 154.69 and then made it to the most expensive player in IPL. Then he made efforts to be the most desirable player and create his position in the team. He plays well for team Australia and also has a huge fan base in the IPL sessions. 

6. Jhye Richardson

He is a famous bowler. He is a tremendously good bowler and PUNJAB team won the player. KINGS XI PUNJAB took the player for 14 crores.

He is a young player who has made his position in the team. also he is at a very young age and still has made a huge fan following. He is a great performer and we have seen him in 2020-21 giving his best performance. And which team will not want the one of most expensive player in IPL history and make their team a perfect one!