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Most Successful Captain In ODI Cricket

Most Successful Captain In ODI Cricket | Know The Top 10 Players

Cricket is a sport that is played in teams. A cricket squad is kept united with the efforts of the skipper, just like any other team game. The most successful captain in ODI cricket understands how to keep the team streamlined, whether it’s in terms of consistency or attitude. He must determine when to simply stay calm and collected in the face of difficult situations and when to shift his attention to the game’s methodologies. The skipper is the foundation of a team’s accomplishments.

The most successful captain in ODI cricket isn’t someone who barks commands and desperately wants everybody to obey; instead, a true leader is somebody knowledgeable and powerful enough to encourage the other players. A great match can be made or broken by the skipper. Additionally, if the entire squad loses a game, the skipper may suffer a barrage of criticism. He has to take all responses, favourable or unfavourable, into consideration.

most successful captain in ODI cricket

Contenders for the title of the most Successful Captain In ODI Cricket

10) Arjun Ranatunga

Retired Sri Lankan skipper Arjuna Ranatunga is ranked 10th most successful captain in ODI cricket, with numerous triumphs in ODIs. He was a part of the national squad during 1982-2000, and during 1988-1999, he commanded the squad in 249 games. Throughout this time, Arjun was instrumental in the triumph of 101 games, including that of the 1996 World Championship. He used to have a 40.56 % winning percentage. Considering his attitude, he was christened Captain Cool and is acknowledged for drawing attention to Sri Lanka.

Arjun was hailed as the most successful captain in ODI cricket. He seems to have been a man that could be characterized as powerful, confident and intimidating in his demeanour. This player was quite a staunch supporter of his team and individuals during the game and also has been spotted disputing with the umpires and warning them to call the game off if they were about to make a bad verdict. Although it was deemed unsportsmanlike at the time, his spirits were extremely high, and the Sri Lankan squad stood tall at the peak under his guidance.

09) Mahela Jayawardene

Jayawardene, ranked as the 9th most successful captain in ODI cricket commanded the squad during 2004-2013 throughout his professional tenure, which spanned from 1997 to 2015. He used to have a winning % of 54.3 across his stint, guiding his side to success 101 times through 186 games; this win % positions him atop of Arjun. As skipper, Mahela assisted the Sri Lankan team to contest well in the Cricket World Championship (2017 & 2011), the ICC World T20 (2009 & 2012).

The brilliance of the most successful captain in ODI cricket is not determined by his average. His commitment to the squad and the country characterizes him. The Sri Lankan team had undergone several alterations by the time Mahela joined it. True, they were the World champs at the time, but many of the seniors – Gurusinghe, DeSilva, and Ranatunga

they were on the brink of retiring. He had been a conventional hitter who reassured SL that the batting line-up would ensure consistency. Jayasuriya and Kumar were always there for assistance, and afterwards, Dilshan showed up. Although Jayawardene’s average in the One-Day format is unconvincing, he propelled Sri Lanka to big wins. He has also appeared in 448 One-Day Internationals.

08) Mohammed Azharuddin

Even after his lifelong BCCI exile, legendary Indian cricketer Azhar’s accomplishments cannot be snatched away from him, notwithstanding the countless scandals on and even off the pitch. He is hailed as the most successful captain in ODI cricket in terms of wins, having helped his team to 104 triumphs out of 221 games during 1990-1999. Between 1984 and 2000, he represented the national side. As the commander of the Indian squad, his contributions aided him in achieving a victory rate of 47.05 %.

Perhaps one of India’s best cricketers and most certainly the most successful captain in ODI cricket of this country, trailing only to Kapil Dev in the 1990s. His striking technique was very robust. He was a tremendous batter, incredibly technically gifted, and his wrist movements whilst playing were reminiscent of an Indian cricketer. At the commencement of the session, he was incredibly sluggish, but by the conclusion of the innings, he was a force to be reckoned with.

07) Steve Waugh

During 1997-2002, the Aussies were led by Steve Waugh, widely considered as the most successful captain in ODI cricket. Waugh and Tom Moody made headlines by becoming the first Aussies to win the World Championship twice.

Throughout the 1999 World Championship, Steve amassed the 2nd-most runs. Team Australia struggled in the group phase, but his results were consistent. Waugh was widely praised for his outstanding strength of character as well as his prodigious run gathering talents. He is ranked as the 7th most successful captain in ODI cricket. The sportsman supported several cricketers who later became megastars.

He successfully led to a 65.23 % victory rate in 106 ODIs, earning 67 and having lost 35. Steve is the 3rd cricketer in the ICC Hall of Fame’s 10,000 Test-run lounge.

06) Hansie Cronje

Hansie used to be a superb skipper and also a very modest person. He propelled the Proteas game to greater levels and garnered the love and admiration of his team and fans alike. He was recognized as the most successful captain in ODI cricket.

The match-fixing controversy was the worst moment of his life, not just in cricket. He was pulled in and then it was difficult for him to resist. Even though it was completely against his demeanour, values, and temperament.

The former Proteas captain was perhaps suspended from cricket for life due to match fixing allegations, but he had been titled the 11th greatest South African 2 years after his death in an aircraft accident. He started playing in 1992, and was promoted to command the national squad in 1997, and decided to retire from cricket in 2000. He had a win % of 65.96 throughout this time, claiming 126 of 191 games.

05) Stephen Fleming

The retired New Zealand captain was quite a knowledgeable and strategically savvy skipper who guided the Kiwis in 218 One-Day Internationals. He stands tall as the 5th most successful captain in ODI cricket. As the commander of a squad with inadequate batting and bowling capabilities, he performed phenomenally. In 2015, he got recruited as the mentor of the IPL’s Chennai Super Kings and the BBL’s Melbourne Stars, owing to his analytical and tactical abilities.

Stephen was also the victorious skipper of the ICC KnockOut Trophy (2000), the nation’s lone ICC title so far. During 1997-2007, he guided his side to a win rate of 48.04 % in One-Days, capturing 98 out of 218 games. He amassed incredible leadership records for his nation, as well as for the entire world.

04) Allan Border

Allan is regarded as Australia’s Leading Developer of Batsmanship. He was always the trickiest batsman for bowlers to eliminate. Border, an Aussie superstar, began performing for the Australian team in 1978 and was named skipper by 1984. He is remembered as the 4th most successful captain in ODI cricket.

He carried on playing for the leadership role till 1994, after which he departed as his nation’s most decorated athlete. By then, he had been the highest run-gatherer across both One-Day and Test format. The sports giant took his country to 139 wins in 271 games, a win % of 51.29 %, during his captaincy.

03) Graeme Smith

Graeme is still seen as the most successful captain in ODI cricket. He possessed a wide range of strategies, tenacity, along with all the qualities that a leader must possess. After their previous commander, Cronje was permanently suspended and South Africa was knocked out early from the World Championship (2003), he rebuilt the team into one of the best in the world and reestablished their dignity.

Graeme is ranked as the 3rd most successful captain in ODI cricket. His striking accomplishments are undeniably outstanding, but more notably, he has restored South Africa’s confidence and trust in cricket.

The national side contested 286 games under his captaincy, winning 163 of them. He used to have a win % of 56.99 with his national squad, making him his country’s most significant skipper.

02) MS Dhoni

Maahi, the mastermind who has accomplished it all for his nation. He’s commanded a team full of legendary figures and also a team full of newbies. He has captured every ICC title possible and possesses the remarkable ability to remain relaxed under stress. He prefers to encourage players who he claims to believe might perform for him and offers them plenty of chances to do just that.

MS entered the Indian squad in 2004, and from 2007 till 2016, he commanded the squad in all formats. He is the 2nd most successful captain in ODI cricket, having guided the side in 331 matches. Maahi, one of the strongest keeper-batsmen on the globe, captained the Indian squad to a 53.77 win % throughout his stint.

1) Ricky Ponting

Ricky, a retired cricketer who captained Aussies during 1995-2012, tops the list for the most successful captains with the most victories. His leadership and the numerous titles he has earned have earned him worldwide affection and respect.

Ponting could even be considered the most successful captain in ODI cricket in regards to the numerous ODI World Championships he has collected. He won 2 World Championships in a row, 2 Champions Trophy, and 105 months at the peak of the One-Day rankings.

Ponting led the team to a staggering 220 wins during his captaincy at a remarkable 67.90 % win percentage. everyone appreciates his leadership also.

In cricket, skippers are immensely important. They hold the capability to lead the team to triumph on the ground with their strategies, tactics, and knowledge. When it comes to directing everyone, a captain is a flagbearer as well as the judge, so he’s the group’s image or speech. A captain has to inspire his squad to play their finest game and celebrate the victory with everybody who helped them get there. He can turn a match that’s as good as lost, into a nail-biting win. As the cricketing world advances into more complexities in terms of rules and regulations, we’d see more cricketers battling for the title of the most successful captain in ODI cricket.

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