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fantasy kabaddi


Kabaddi game is here for our players to win cash awards daily. We all know the growing craze for fantasy games nowadays. These fantasy games have been invented to have fun while also earning money with those games. You have this amazing chance to win money daily with the fantasy kabaddi app. If you are still not aware of the working of fantasy games, then you need to read this and learn how to grow while playing different games online.

People have started making money from these fantasy games since the lockdown period, and it has proved to be fun for most people playing it online. So without any further ado, download your favorite fantasy kabaddi app to enjoy and win big with the game. 


Fantasy Kabaddi is a new fantasy sport that is liked by millions of users who want to play games online. Fantasy Kabaddi is also like other fantasy games, which have been popularized on the global level now. Playing fantasy Kabaddi and making money is now in trend these days. 

You can play this exciting game with Dangal Games and have this amazing opportunity to win cash prizes daily. There are so many exciting offers coming up daily on the platform for the users to have a fulfilling interaction with the games as well as the website for online gaming. 

The rules for the games are very similar to the Kabaddi game and have been given so much importance in many states of India. People enjoy watching Kabaddi leagues which come on Television every season, and now you people have this chance to play it on your own. You can now enjoy the fantasy Kabaddi game on your favorite Fantasy Kabaddi app. 


It is very easy for any one of you to play fantasy Kabaddi and win actual money awards. It is not a lengthy procedure, and you would definitely love the game while going on its way. 

First of all, you have to download the fantasy kabaddi app, which is the best according to you. Then you have to make up your team for the matches. It is very important to choose your team wisely because your team plays the most crucial role in your matches. Also, choose the captain and vice-captain with utmost wise thoughts so that you don’t have to crib or regret at the last moments because the captain and vice-captain always fetch you extra points for the runs. 

Then you have to choose which type of match or contest you want to play in the fantasy kabaddi app. If you are a newbie to the game, don’t hurry for the cash leagues. Instead, start with the practice matches so that there is no chance for you to lose money in the games. It would be best to always practice first in the fantasy kabaddi app so that you don’t regret it later on with the game or money you invested. 

You can start playing cash leagues then and winning vast amounts of money with the game. Apart from money prizes you get some other rewards as well.


So your team has to earn points for winning the match. There are some of the rules you have to follow to make your team win. 

So some of the rules which are included can be

  • If you are part of starting 7, you earn 4 points. 
  • On each of the successful raid touch points you get 4 points each
  • If you get a raid bonus, then you attain 2 points in the game.
  • If you make a substitute appearance in the game, you earn 2 points.
  • If you take a successful tackle in the game, you have 5 points. 
  • If you come with the super tackle position, then you get 4 points.
  • Every unsuccessful raid comes with a -1 point. 
  • If you pushed out all seven then you get 3 points.
  • If all 7 get out, then you get -2 points.
  • If you get a green card in the game, you get -2 points.
  • If you get a yellow card in the game, you get -4 points.
  • If your player gets a red card in the game, then you get -6 points. 


When you play the Kabaddi game, you would be familiar with the term “super tackle” in the game. If not, then here is the word which means that when the raider in the game is tackled successfully by any of the three defenders, maybe less.  Then the defenders get these super tackle points in the game. These are a type of bonus points earned by the defender team in the game. 


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