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pro kabaddi fantasy league

Get ready for the Pro Kabaddi fantasy league with Fantasy Dangal!

Fantasy Dangal app is here again with one of the favorite games, Kabaddi Fantasy league! This is one of the best platform you could have to show up your gaming skills. We are here with one more exciting contest for you all, that is Pro Kabaddi fantasy league. We are all ready to make you happy and excited as we are giving you the opportunity to earn handful of money by just playing your favorite game.

If you are new to the game or the app, we are here to guide you all through the way. We would make you go through the passage to make you a pro!

pro kabaddi fantasy league

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So, for the awaited joy of our kabaddi fans, there is this kabaddi fantasy league organized for them. You can join this league by downloading the Fantasy Dangal app on your smartphones. The players have this incredible opportunity to win some huge cash prizes as well as other rewards which would make you happy with the results after winning the game. 

It is an easy procedure to download the app and then join the pro kabaddi fantasy league. There would be some live opponents as well. These live opponents would make the game much more interesting for you and you will have more fun during the contest. 

You just need to sign up for your account in the app or log in to your account if you have one already. Our users always have their hassle free withdrawals for their winning amounts. The app is very much trusted and safe for the users to have a good game and winning huge amounts of real money as well from the gaming skills only. 


So, in order to win the contest, you would obviously need some guidance and basic rules for the game. You must be equipped with all the rules so that you do not face any problem while playing the game. You should win with all the fair rules and regulations. 

So, listing down all the rules would be like this.

  • As we know that captain as well as the vice-captain would always fetch you 2x and 1.5x points respectively extra from the other players. So you should always choose the captain and vice-captain very wisely. 
  • If there is any kind of substitute in the team for any certain player then the team has to contribute 2 points to that substitute. 
  • If there is any chance that all the players from the starting 7 gets pushed by from their opponents then every player loses their 2 points.
  • And if your team in the ground gets to push down all players in the starting 7 from the opponent team then your players would get 3 points extra. 
  • All the players are rewarded with 4 successful raid touch points also.
  • If there is any successful tackle taken then there is 5 points extra for your team. 
  • Also, the players get rewarded with the 2 raid bonus points.
  • And if there would be any unsuccessful raid then there would be losing of one point.
  • The green card give -2 points, yellow card gives -4 points and the red card gives -6 points if any player gets any of the cards in the ground. 
  • If there is any super-tackle position then the team would have 4 points extra from the game.


It is a very easy procedure to have a hand on kabaddi fantasy league if you know the basic rules now. Firstly, just get the app in your phone by having a free download and then sign up or login for your account to start the game. Now when you have the app ready with you then you shall choose the kind of contest you want to participate in. 

You can join the cash leagues or the practice contests if you are not confident enough with your game. Then you have to create your own team of 7 players and you would also get some 100 points and you have to use these points for selecting your team. 

Also, you can update the players according to the need and then start playing. If playing the cash leagues, then you also have the opportunity to win huge amount of money as well. 


The app has many users and are enjoying their experience with the app. The app is favorable for many of the users because of the features it provides to its users.

Get your trouble free withdrawals of the winning amount and enjoy the game. 

The contests go on daily on the fantasy dangal app. 

The app has come with the kabaddi fantasy league for the pro players to come forward and make it a huge one for them.

Also the app could be operated anywhere you want.

So, come on kabaddi people, let’s make this a huge one for you!

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