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Indians are in love with cricket. It is a form of unity in India because people get reunited whenever there is a cricket match in India. People go mad about this sport. Evidently, it is the most loved sport in the country. Many people already follow cricket to an extent and are die-hard fans of cricket. The people who love cricket are already huge fans of fantasy cricket. Fantasy cricket has made a space in the cricket world as well. 

When IPL 2021 season was suspended, the fans did have fantasy cricket for their entertainment. Fantasy cricket made people enjoy when they were on the urge of a disappointment for the suspension of IPL 2021. People played on the fantasy cricket apps by making their teams and winning some huge prizes. People have to use their knowledge and skills to play fantasy cricket. People spent a lot of time on the fantasy cricket apps during pandemic and lockdown. People were disappointed with the suspension already and did have a lot of time to do something. So they opted for the fantasy gaming apps, which helped them to play and have a joyous lockdown with these online games. 

You can choose your favourite fantasy cricket app to make your move towards fantasy gaming. There are so many ways fantasy cricket is diverting our cricket fans towards core entertainment. 

There are so many reasons for you to follow fantasy cricket and play on these fantasy cricket apps. 


You have this amazing opportunity to play on the fantasy apps while also earning huge cash rewards and other prizes every day. So, it works as an entertainment platform as well as an online way to earn money every day. But before you start, you should be thorough with all the rules and regulations of fantasy cricket gaming. You should know all the ways in which a better team could be built for you. 

You can win huge amounts by playing on these fantasy apps. Matches are happening on a daily basis in which you can participate and win daily. 


When you tend to follow cricket or fantasy cricket, you automatically get updated with all the cricket news. You get to know all about the players, their records, current forms etc. this way, and you get a lot of experience and updates about the cricket journey. 

You can do predictions as well for the matches on the apps if you are wholly updated with all the fantasy news. You can also give your tips to the other players if you are an expert in the game. 


You can win and also atop the leaderboard. You can also refer and earn with the apps. The thing you can do is send the invite to your friends or family, and if they connect to the app with your link, it would be you who would get the bonus points. These bonus points also help you come to the top of the leaderboard. You can show off your cricket skills in front of your live opponents only when you know it all. You will know it all when you follow fantasy cricket religiously. 


You should choose your matches according to your own skills. Several matches are happening every day on the app. You can play practice matches if you are a beginner or if you are a pro with the fantasy gaming, then go for the cash leagues and earn some great cash prizes with the games. You can gain some insights from the expert players as well for your own benefit. If you are a newbie, then just don’t lose your money in the whole journey. 


You have to do a lot of work if you want to win the match. You have to analyze each, and every step before the match starts. You have to see all about the weather, pitch conditions, players’ performances so that you are all ready to win the match. In this way, you can elevate the chances of winning and become a pro with fantasy gaming. 


So, these reasons motivate you to follow the fantasy cricket religiously. If you are a newbie to the fantasy cricket, don’t worry, it is a fun and easy one for you to enjoy. It is a great way of entertainment and distracting yourself while also earning money. So you will not feel like wasting your time as well. You can enjoy your favourite game and win some cash prizes as well. 

So, download your favourite Fantasy Dangal app to play tournaments every day and win some huge cash rewards as well. 

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