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What is fantasy cricket, and what are the reasons to play fantasy cricket? It is a form of fantasy league where the users have to make a virtual team, and they also have some points shown side by side. These points are crucial because they decide the performance of the players.

You need to pick out the best players for your team, which could help you win the match. The players have to acquire points and make them on the top and in the list of the best players. The points are seen and then the players are chosen. Also, they have some rankings on which players stand. 

Now let us see what the reasons to play fantasy cricket are?


You get to know more about cricket!

When you get to know more about cricket, you get more success because you know how you can win. It is a game that is not luck-based, and you have to show your skills and knowledge. To win, you need to showcase some skills and have a win-win situation in the match. 

The players need to keep themselves informed and skilled on some parameters to get the upper hand and an advantage in the game. Those parameters include

  • The team and the players who are an essential element.’
  • The weather report must be known beforehand.
  • Playing XI
  • Injury reports must be seen for the players
  • Head to head statistics
  • Pitch report and knowledge 

When all these situations get into the mind of the participant, the chances of winning get double! So if you are participating in online fantasy cricket, you need to check up on these factors for your success!


Now when you play online fantasy cricket, the participant has to choose their team. You have to choose the players for your team that you think can make you win the match. Plus you can independently choose the players you want, be it batsmen, bowlers, wicket-keepers, or the all-rounders that you want. You have to pick out the 11 players you want as the basic rule of cricket. 

The user can also check the points that the players have earned, which will show you the recent performances of those players. 

Once you have selected your team, you have to make the player a captain and a vice-captain. You can give this authority to the player you want. You can enjoy it when you have the chance to make your team. 

Chances to win loads of cash and fabulous prizes

Just not enjoyment and rankings; there are several rewards for winning in the game. Some tremendous rewards, and also, it is the real money-earning game that makes people much more interested in this game. There are multiple contests daily, and people have fantastic chances to win some rewards and money. It has some level of excitement created with this benefit. 

You have to pay a two-digit entry fee, and in rewards, you can earn much more, which will make you more than happy. There are also a bonus and cash awards that could help the participants return and invest in the game. The excitement is not going to break down in the games like these. 

Many people participate in the minor leagues for being safe, and many go into the mega leagues, which are more interesting to play. Who doesn’t want some considerable cash amounts and some fun by their side? People start in the hope of having great fun and slowly they get so much invested in the game.

If you are also a fan of cricket, what are you waiting for now? Go now and have fun!

Even if you are a beginner at the game, then you don’t have to wait. Try the game and have fun while earning money as well. You can win some fantastic rewards and cash by just playing cricket.


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So what are you waiting for? Come, play and win!