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Know the Details about Rohit Sharma Net Worth In 2022

Are you also an eager fan who wants to know the little details about Rohit Sharma net worth. Everyone knows Rohit Sharma is one of the leading Indian Batsmen who has made jaw-dropping records in his career. He is also popularly known as Hitman on the Indian cricket team. Apart from cricket, there are various ventures and sources where he makes his income. 

He comes from a simple family in Mumbai and has great importance for time, money, and talent in his life. As per the knowledge and reports, Rohit Sharma net worth in rupees would be around 180 crores or $24 million. Undoubtedly, he is one famous Indian cricketer with a lavish lifestyle and one of the most extensive fan bases.

Who Is The King Of Cricket

Also, the Player has a big collection of luxury cars, bungalows, and motorcycles with him, resulting from his great career and hard work. He came into the cricketing career in 2007 when he was chosen for the T20 world cup. Since then, he has been one unstoppable player who has given a massive contribution to the Indian cricket team. 

Know More about Rohit Sharma net worth

He is one most successful captains of IPL. As a successful Player, he gets an annual salary of Rupees 7 crores from the BCCI contract. Also, as he is one famous Player so, he is given some of the biggest endorsements and he makes a great amount of money with that as well. 

Some popular endorsements for the players are Adidas, Maggi, Lays, Nissan, Relispray, and many more!!! He charges approximately 40 to 50 lakhs from these brands and makes a lot of side income with them. With great work, his annual salary crosses ten crores rupees easily. TV commercials are one more source that contributes to his income. Coming from a middle-class family, he has come very far. Now, he is like a celebrity to the people and his fans. 

The Indian Premier League is another way to make big amounts of money for cricketers. During this time, many big brands spend a lot of big amounts to hire these cricketers as their brand ambassadors. 


You must be curious to know how much would be Rohit Sharma net worth in 2022 that he carries with him. 

Undoubtedly he has rupees 186 crores net worth. 


Test match- 16.5 lakhs

T20-3.5 lakhs



Also, he makes more than one crore monthly, which is great. 

Annually he makes around 12 crores.

Growth of Rohit Sharma net worth in the last 5 years

Net worth in 2021- $25 million

Net worth in 2020- $20 million

Net worth in 2017- $16 million

Net worth in 2018-$11 million

Rohit Sharma’s IPL career

If you know, you know that IPL has been really beneficial for the Player. He struggled with the consistency at a young age, but IPL gave him the chance to stay relevant and consistent with his performance. He grabbed the opportunity and played with the Deccan Chargers team from 2008 to 2010. Then he came to the Mumbai Indians team, and he was the happiest man at that time. He played and made a lot of progress with the team, where he saw an increase and optimization in his performance statistics. He showed some of his great performances with the team and made that season a hit for the team. In 2013, he finished the tournament with 538 runs, and it was Mumbai Indians first trophy for the winning position. 

IPL was one source that helped him to portray his real talent and leadership skills to the team. He impressed the masses, and with the grace of his talent, he has served six years of captaincy for the Mumbai Indians team. Also, he is the third-highest run-scorer in the history of IPL. Undoubtedly he became one of the successful captains in IPL. 

Know about Rohit Sharma Cars collection

It is not hidden that the Player owns a huge collection of luxury cars. Also, he enjoys superbikes as well. He loves BMW, Audi, and Mercedes. He has been seen in his BMW Car many times, but mostly with his family. They also contribute to the big Rohit Sharma net worth. 

He recently purchased Lamborghini Urus, which cost Rupees 3.15 crores, a Mercedes Benz GLS 350d that cost rupees 88.18 Lakhs, and a BMW X3 that ranges from 56,60 lakhs to 62.48 lakhs, plus a Toyota Fortuner as well. He is the owner of Suzuki Hayabusa, which also costs rupees 15 lakhs. He is really fond of luxury cars and superbikes that he purchased. 


Apart from Rohit Sharma net worth, we can also know more about some of the unbreakable records that the Player has set up in Indian cricket history. 

  • He is one batsman in the cricket history who has scored three double centuries in the One-day Internationals.
  • He has made 264 runs in an innings, which is excellent for any Player. 
  • Also, he is one batsman who played most One day international balls in a single match. He played 173 balls which stand out for any Player. 
  • He made a hundred on his debut. 
  • Also, he is one leading Player for the T20 run maker. 
  • The very first Player who made 2 double centuries in the ODIs. 

So, here is the full detailing of Rohit Sharma net worth, his endorsements, his IPL career, and life in cricket. You can get to know every tiny detail from that. Also, he has a huge amount of followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that shows how much he has gained. He made money but also a big fan following with that. You can see his lifestyle by following him on Instagram and facebook. Get to know more about him and his net worth. 

These details perfectly describe Rohit Sharma’s net worth and his works in his career. Know more about him and his growing career. He is one great player who has given some mind blowing records to the Indian cricket history.


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