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Yorker king


It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, being a Yorker style bowler. Every bowler craves for this style to be adopted with total perfection. This style genuinely demands a lot of practice as well as hard work. If not executed with grace and flawlessly, the ball could go wrong, making the whole move out of the point. When a bowler tries to make a Yorker move, it frightens every skilled cricketer as well. Through all the hardships and struggles caused by the bowlers, some of the expert bowlers manage to make their best ball in the Yorker style. But do you know who is known as the Yorker king of the Indian premier league?

Our most loved and skilful bowler of all time, Lasith Malinga! Popularly known as Malinga. 


Yorker king

Every cricket fan would love this player for his bowling, and he is the all-time favourite bowler for almost everyone. Also, the player made his move when he introduced the slow ball Yorker. The player who has himself made the Yorker style definitely would be our Yorker king. 


When one talks about the best bowlers in cricket, one would never forget our legend, known for his extraordinary bowling skills. People worship him for his bowling and could not praise him enough for how he threatens the batsmen. He is from the Sri Lanka team. 

He comes at the very first position for the best bowlers in IPL. He plays from the team of Mumbai. He picked 170 wickets in the, making him the highest wicket-keeper in the entire history of the Indian Premier League. He did not play in the IPL season of 2020 for personal reasons, and then he announced his retirement in the year 2021, which was saddening for all the fans. No team has experienced a bowler like Malinga, and he is genuinely one bowler who made every batter afraid of him. No doubt, being our Yorker king for a reason. 

He has shown some legendry performances which will always remain in the fans’ hearts. Like his 5-13 in 2011 match against Delhi capitals, or be it the 4-31 against the team of Royal Challengers Bangalore. He also gave a heroic performance in the finals of 2019. 


He was in the same team as our Yorker king, Malinga. Malinga taught him to make him more like him. So that he could also adopt some of the important skills that could take him out of the box. Bumrah is also a well-known bowler and is famous for his bowling skills. He does his medium-pace bowling very gracefully. 

One of the historical balls that was made by Bumrah to Shikhar Dhawan, that Yorker bowl in the qualifier 1 of IPL 2020. He put down a smashing Yorker that just got on the off-stump. That ball seemed to be so unreal for the audience, and everyone was a mind blow. He ended with 4-1-14-4 that was his personal best figure which he could make. And in that match, he was awarded as the player of the game as well. 

He has played for the team of Mumbai since the year 2013 and has played some 99 matches of IPL and also picked 115 wickets. Like this, he has shown some of the mind-blasting performances which shocked everyone. He has always taken his teaching from the Yorker king and made it a success for him. He has a huge fan following all around and is genuinely praised for his bowling. 


Popularly known as Rabada in the cricket field, he has shown some of the jaw-dropping performances in the history of IPL. When he made his move in the year 2019, the Yorker moved to Andre Russell, that ball was titled the ball of the tournament. He is just a 26-year-old player who managed to take only seven runs in his over, and he took Delhi over the line, which was appreciated. 

He played his first match in IPL in 2017 and has played some 42 games till then for the team of Delhi. He could only take out some six wickets in his first season, but then he took back his form and had 17 wickets. 


The player is from Tamil Nadu and is a medium pacer. He plays for the team Punjabi in the Indian premier league. Due to his injury, he could play only six matches where he could only pick two wickets. Then he was bought by the Sunrisers Hyderabad team in the year 2018. He has bowled some five Yorkers in his matches. He showed some excellent performances in the Indian Premier League. After seeing the overview now, he has played some 22 IPL matches and has managed to pick 18 wickets. 

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These are some of the players known for their best Yorker style, but no one could replace our original Yorker king, Lasith Malinga. He is the real Yorker king, which everyone praises. These players have a great Yorker style and are the well-known bowlers in cricket history.