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how win fantasy cricket


People in India are just crazy about cricket, and they have made the “cricketainment” because people enjoy cricket more than any other sport. They are so much involved in cricket that no doubt people are themselves getting involved in the fantasy cricket applications, and also, for the fun fact, they are making money out of it! We can discuss some fantasy cricket tips and also how to win fantasy cricket.

Playing and enjoying fantasy cricket league has been a habit for many people, and also, fantasy cricket has genuinely gained much popularity and fame in some recent years. The competition among fantasy cricket players has also spiked, and people are now so much into the new trend. 

Making it straightforward for our new people, the fantasy cricket league is an online sports game where the people have to make the selection for their team, and the game is based on the luck of how your players would be performing in the field. The number of runs scored by your batsmen or how many wickets has been taken down also shows how the fielder is performing in the ground. 

Now, we can see that all the luck has been dependent on the players then definitely you should select your team with complete thoughts. 

Now let us discuss some of the critical fantasy cricket tips that can help you win the game and earn some real cash while having fun!

You should always analyze and see the weather forecast as well as pitch report.

Please don’t get confused because you have to play fantasy cricket online, and you still have to do this because it is imperative in deciding the actual playing eleven for both of the teams. That is why it is vital to check the pitch and the weather forecast before the game. 

If you had some idea of the pitch for the match, it would be easy for you, and you would get an idea about the pitch behavior. Now, if you don’t know much about the pitches, then the fundamental and straightforward idea for this is that if you have a bouncy wicket, it is best for the bowlers of your team. Then if it is a flat pitch, the batsmen would be able to score more runs on the ground. Now, if you know and study more about these general things related to the pitch, it would be beneficial for you! It is one of the best fantasy cricket tips. 

No doubt, your chances of winning would increase, and also scrutinize your team as well!

You have to make the comparison for the player’s performances.

It is very much suggested that you should not take your emotions inside while picking up the team. You could be having a favorite player, which could come between in the win. Most of the players make this blunder, and they choose a player based on their reputation and just because they are a favorite and a trending one. But you should still see and compare their last performances because sometimes they are not performing well, which could come in between your win. This is one of the very best tricks to know how to win fantasy cricket. 


Now, the preeminent question arises that how to create your team and how to win fantasy cricket? When you come on the stage of selecting your team, it is very much suggested and advised that you follow your instincts when you pick any player for the team. One of the fantasy cricket tips is that you should always select players capable of giving a superstar performance in some of the challenging situations. 

You can see some all-rounders for your team, good batters, and some good bowlers. Also, you need an excellent wicket-keeper for your team to perform well. 

You should pick those opening batsmen who can smash the balls in the power play overs. And also, they can make good runs for the team. 

You should keep your team balanced and keep in mind that when you think about how to win fantasy cricket, you just need to select all the players with full attention. You cannot make a blunder in choosing the players, and it could turn over the match. 


We all know too much greed is not suitable for anything. Yes, when you play online fantasy cricket, you have to invest your money in that. But you have to do it very carefully. Many people get in the flow of the game and don’t think much. They start over-investing in the game and have some chances that they could lose their money as well. When you read this, you should know it is one of the essential fantasy cricket tips that you should not over-invest in the game because you can even lose the game.


You can flip the game if you play it with innovative work. In the rules of fantasy cricket points, you need to know how to win fantasy cricket with the bonus points now. There are many of the rewards and some of the benefits and advantages provided for the users. These awards would be given to every run, catch or wicket, stump, and run-out. There could be some exceptional performances as well. These could help you win some of the bonus points, which are lucky for you. It could also help you win the game. 


Ultimately, these are some of the best fantasy cricket tips, and you can acknowledge them if you want to win the game. Many people still don’t know that how to win fantasy cricket. I hope these tips and tricks can help you, and you can win the game. Just remember all these fantasy cricket tips to have a bash in the game and earn loads of money.