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Tips & Tricks To Play Cricket On Fantasy Dangal

Do You Play Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket has been around for a while now but its increase in popularity over the last two to three years has been staggering. It is very easy to play a fantasy cricket contest, all you have to do is to download the Dangal Games of FantasyDangal App, then pick your virtual playing XI according to the players’ previous performance, select a captain and vice-captain for your team and your team is up and ready.

Tips And Tricks To Play Fantasy Cricket On FantasyDangal

Now as per the real-time performance of the players during the game your virtual team will be awarded points. Each action has a set number of points, like for wickets taken, for runs scored, etc. All comes down to the on-field performance of the players selected by you. So always choose your team wisely. Getting to know a few basic tricks of the trade is crucial for winning matches or the tournament. The online fantasy cricket hints we provide would enable you in recognizing how to approach squad selection in the best of ways.

Fantasy Cricket

Know Who’s Performing

Each of us has a soft spot for one or two players. However, even a captain ensures that only the players who have been performing well are included in the core team. This tip to play fantasy cricket is going to help you in understanding what you need to do in the first place. You must pay special attention to the players you keep on your team, as someone who is known for consistency will always produce good results for you. The track record of a player will always help determine if he’d be a good fit for you.

Prepare Your Strategy Using The Weather And Pitch Survey

The vast majority of fantasy cricket players disregard weather and pitch reports, resulting in poor decisions. For example, if it happens in Eden Garden, you’ll know your fast bowlers have an advantage. It all comes down to judging people on their own merits.

Aspire for the Gold

The Smashers are excellent top-order batsmen. If it’s a T20 match, their goal isn’t to score 60 runs in 45 balls but to score 35 runs as quickly as possible. Choosing suitable top-order batsmen is a sure way to win big in fantasy cricket, particularly in the T20s. Given the opportunity to face the greatest number of deliveries, it is reasonable to expect them to score heavily. The top three batsmen in most teams are the premier batsmen in the team, based on how they are lined up today. As a result, their chances of scoring big runs are much higher than usual.

Select the Most Effective Leadership

Choosing the best skipper and vice-captain is one of the most valuable fantasy league cricket tips. These two key players could be the difference makers. If you carefully select the game’s two strongest players as captain and vice-captain, your team will become a tough nut to crack.

Stay On Your Toes

You have the insights, the bowling and batting lineups are ready, and you have even carefully chosen the best players, although it may not be enough! When it comes to picking a team for a tournament, you need to be on your toes in every way. To select the right squad for huge wins, you should always keep up with ongoing updates and last-minute changes in the team.

Flipping Coins And Outcomes

You only get a few minutes before the coin toss to make any last-minute changes. Keep abreast of the results of the coin toss. After the final XI is announced by the respective teams, you can review and revise by dropping the players you had handpicked previously but may not be in the playing XI.

Establishing Multiple Teams

Possessing multiple teams increases your chances of winning. Even if you lose in one contest, you could actually win in another with another team. You can always go for the formation of multiple teams due to the abundance of matches being played. After all, a little trial and error never hurt anybody. Moreover, here at FantasyDangal, you get an amazing chance to create 25 different teams that is surely going to skyrocket your stakes of winning huge amounts.

For example, there will always be 5-6 players you simply cannot afford to drop. These are the players who will comprise the majority of your teams. The selection of these important players may well be influenced by the teams involved as well as the venue. When you’ve chosen your core team, you can evaluate the match-ups and venue conditions and pick the remaining players accordingly.

Daily News and Updates Concerning the Teams

Keep an eye out for any news that the teams may release. Even the replacement of a trainer has an effect on the squad’s playing XI, so be prepared to be flexible.

Keep Current With the Players in Real-Time (Injury, Position, etc.

Alerts on player injuries are critical in assisting you in selecting the best squad. Likewise, if a player’s batting order alters, you should be mindful of the effect this may have on the match’s outcome.

Everyone Plays A Key Role

Choosing the Right Combination of Batsmen, Bowlers, WK, and Fielders is critical for assembling an unbeatable team. The proposed goal is to select all-rounders who bat in the top order so that they can bring in the most points with their all-around abilities.

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