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Virat Kohli Net Worth

Know All about Virat Kohli’s Net Worth!

Almost everyone is curious to know about Virat Kohli’s net worth. If we see according to the reports, Virat Kohli net worth is calculated to be around $127 million. It means rupees 950 crores in the Indian currency. 

Virat Kohli has become the most famous and loved Indian cricketer in the whole world now. No doubt he has been a consistent performer of all time. Since he stepped into the blue team in 2008, he has shown some of his great performances. A batter who has magic in his hands and has come down to some amazing records. The finest batsman of all time and the most loved Indian cricketer among the youth in the current time. He also handled the captaincy for the Indian cricket team for many years now and no doubt one of the best captains that the Indian cricket team had. Virat Kohli net worth is made from his achievements!

Who Is The King Of Cricket

Unlimited achievements, mesmerizing records, and a huge fan following summarizes Virat Kohli! Everyone is obsessed with his energetic personality, and fitness, and one best thing about him is that he is able to make a unique image for himself in a brand. Bagging huge brands because of his fan following is one more thing about him. That is why he comes among the highest-paid cricketers in India. 


The net worth of the year 2022 is $127 million. 

The net worth for the year 2021 is $110 million.

The net worth of the year 2020 is $95 million.

Since the day he made his debut on the Indian cricket team, he has been loved by almost everyone. He has left some incredible marks in the hearts of his fans. Also, during the time of the Indian premier league he has been one integral part of the team. Most of his earnings come through the BCCI, the IPL contract, and the brand endorsements, which are really important for him. 


The services he provides to the Indian cricket team are immense, and he gets a lot of money from the BCCI. He also serves a contract with them, according to which he is paid by them. 





Virat Kohli has an A+ grade contract with the BCCI and earns an annual salary of rupees 7 crores. Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and Jasprit Bumrah are the three players who have an A+ grade salary. Virat Kohli net worth undoubtedly goes up with this. 

Also, every time he appears in the test match, he gets paid for that as well with rupees 15 lakhs, every appearance for an ODI match gives him rupees 6 lakhs, and T20 matches give him rupees 3 lakhs. 

One most interesting fact about the player is that he is never available for the IPL auction. The Royal challenger Bangalore team secured the player with one draft during the inaugural period. 

He was made a full-time captain for the team of Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2013. He got promoted in 2015 again and started earning rupees 12.5 crores in 2017. 

Then he was retained again by the team with rupees 18 crores, an amount which is never given to any player in the IPL history! Virat Kohli net worth gets much more importance from here. 


One remarkable cricketer who has become a youth icon. He is one player who is most talked about in the brands. Many big brands approach him and try to get his promotional value. 

As the player is also known as one big athlete, he has a great value in the brands and offer him big money amounts. Without any doubt, he makes up to rupees 17 crores from all the brands and deals that he gets. 

He works for big brands like Manyavar, Pepsi, Valvoline, Philips, Audi, Boost, Hero, Cinthol Deo, Puma, Godrej, Head & shoulders, Fastrack, and many more!

He also gets paid for putting a sticker on his bat of MRF! He promotes MRF company as well in this way. 

Also, one more interesting thing is that he is that one player with most of the followers all around. His popularity comes from here only. One of the most prominent sportsmen is known worldwide and is getting love from everywhere. 

46 million followers on Twitter as well, makes him much more special for his fans. This adds more to his brand value. Virat Kohli net worth and his brand worth are two different things now. People value him much more because of his talent and brand. 


The two famous brands, One8 and Wrogn, are extremely popular and on an immense path now. Both the brands are working towards their expansion and have already had a lot of success. They have covered other things as well. One8 café, also known as One8 commune, is owned by the player. 

Other brand, Wrogn, has also shown a lot of success by giving out their most fashionable apparel with cool and funky vibes for everyone. 

Also, the player is the co-owner of the Indian super league side FC Goa. He also owns and looks toward the PGA tour and the International premier Tennis League. Virat Kohli net worth is reflected from his great investments as well. 

He has a bungalow in Delhi, where he lived and also grew up. Now, he lives in Mumbai, Bandra, where they live in an apartment with his wife, Anushka Sharma. 


This is all about Virat Kohli net worth! He is one incredible player who has made his space in millions of hearts. You should know he works hard and earns hard. It is concluded overall that Virat Kohli net worth comes to be rupees 950 crores which is immense! Playing, doing promotions, and investments is his thing! Making the most famous Indian cricketer, he has some perks, and that is what he enjoys! Undoubtedly, he carries a huge line of his fans who go crazy for the man. He is one amazing cricketer, who has won a lot!