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As stated by the Supreme Court, all fantasy sports games are counted as “Skill games” and are made legal in the country. You can enjoy all the fantasy sports as they have been made legal. Now, most of the cricket fans and our sports lovers enjoy the fantasy games and win huge cash prizes out of them. These games are fascinating and fun when you are a dedicated sports fan. It becomes mandatory to play it twice or thrice a week once you join the fantasy journey. Fantasy games are available on online platforms and many fantasy sports apps. You can start playing now to avail some exciting prizes. 


Skill games are simply those games that require skills to be played. One can only win the matches if you have those relevant skills and know them to implement. Skill games include the showcase of your talent and skills in the game. When a player knows how to strategize his capabilities and put them into the game, that is the time when he becomes a pro with the game. You always have to remain ahead of your live opponents in these skill-based games and work on your game. 

There are so many fantasy games available online which are included in the fantasy games. You need some fundamental skills to master the art of fantasy games. You should have the proper knowledge of the rules and regulations and how these games operate. You can win superb rewards from the game when you know how to play the game perfectly. 


These chance games are totally based on the user’s luck or chance. You have to have a minimal amount of skill to ace the games like these. These types of games are primarily dependent on external factors and are played by luck. If your luck is with you, you will win these games. But these games could never be known as skill-based games because they need minimal effort and skill from the user. 

These games have been played for a really long time in the country. We see people playing games like snakes and ladders or all the dice games. These are all some luck-based games that just include some fun factor and does not include your relevant skills for playing the game. In these games, you can only attain victory only if you carry luck by your side. 


The Supreme court clearly states that the fantasy games or skill games have been made totally legal for the country. It includes the skills and does not include the concept of gambling. You are playing a game of your choice by making your own team and winning it on your behalf. It does not include any type of gambling or luck-based victory which could be a hurdle in your playing journey. if you have the specific skills to play the game perfectly, you can definitely go for the fantasy games or the skill-based games. You can go for fantasy cricket, fantasy Kabaddi, fantasy football, or basketball. These are the options. You can play them by downloading any fantasy sports app and getting going. 

Once you download your fantasy sports app, then you can start making your own team of 11 players in cricket. You can play the matches you like, whether practice matches or cash leagues. If you are a beginner, just go for the practice matches, and if you have mastered the art already then you can go for the cash leagues. 

So, it is totally clear that there is a green flag for you to play the skill-based or the fantasy games online and win great cash rewards every day. Many people hesitate to play these fantasy games, thinking they might not be legal in the country but those people can surely go for these games to have fun while earning money. 

Things like gambling are somehow illegal in the country and might be dangerous for the people who are involved in it. It is seen as a pure luck-based or chance-based game in which you could either lose or win, totally depending on your luck. 


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