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which ipl teams have never won


The Indian Premier league has its huge fan base, which also separates and divides them into different teams. Because their favorite players get different teams, then according to that the fans also take their places. The Indian premier league has reached the cult status in 13 years of its working. The inaugural season of the IPL was in the year 2008 and still there are some IPL teams have never won any match. 

IPL trophy has changed so many hands in the past years, first season was won by Rajasthan Royals against Delhi daredevils. Mumbai Indians is the most successful team in the Indian premier league and has won the maximum times. Then the lead is followed by the team of Chennai super kings, then Kolkata knight riders, then Rajasthan and then Deccan chargers. But there are some of the IPL teams have never won any of the match!

which ipl teams have never won


Now, there are a total of 8 teams in the Indian premier league. There are three IPL teams have never won any of the match. These three teams are Royal challengers Bangalore, Kings XI Punjab as well as Delhi capitals. These teams were not fortunate enough to make it to the trophy ever. 


It is very unfortunate to know that the team has never won the title of the IPL. They have some of the biggest names attached to the franchise. They have some reputed players as well but the trophy still remains elusive for the team. Also, the team has given some of the best performances in the different seasons. The matches of year 2019, 2011 as well as 2016 were the closest win for the team but never made it to the trophy. They finished as the runners-up in these years and were very close to make it. 

Virat kohli took the captaincy of the team in the year 2011. Under his captaincy, he was able to make the team reach till the finals. Then again in the year 2016 they made it to the finals but unfortunately they never made it to the trophy again. 

This team has the best batting line-up in the history of IPL. Some great and legendary batsmen have made it to the team. These batters include Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers, Yuvraj singh as well as Shane Watson. They have some great players in the bowling aspect as well. They are not lagging in the good players. Due to their fate they are not able to make it to the trophy till now. But if they continue to do some good hardships with their practice and make good chances for their win, they could probably make it to the trophy of the IPL. 


Earlier, this team was known as Delhi Daredevils and changed the name of team in the year 2018. They changed their name but unfortunately they were not able to change their luck for the team. They went till the finals of IPL in the year 2020 but unfortunately the team of Mumbai took over them and again they lost.  

The team had some best of the players as well and tries to give their best performances also which could not be proved to the level they wanted. They still could not make it to the finals and just became the runner-ups for the seasons. Inconsistency is the very major factor which leads to the losses of the team. Evidently the team is never consistent with their performances or their players as well. They could also make it up to the play offs in the rest of the seasons but that was not adequate. 


Evidently, the team was the weakest among the 8 teams. It was not able to give some good performances in any of the season. They have also made it to the play-offs but only twice, that is in year 2008 and 2014. They stood as the semi-finalists in the inaugural season. Also, they stood as the runner-ups in 2014. By far if we see the overview of the whole IPL season then the 2014 year was the best that they could give. 

The team does not have a good squad and some core players. The team lacks some consistency as well and the team had different coaches and players as well as captains. They make some inconsistency for the team. 

Now the captain for the team is KL RAHUL and there has been some improvement in their team and their game as well. Not shown some great results but yes, they are on their way to make it to their best! 

These are the IPL teams have never won the trophy but can do if they go on and work hard towards their goal. These teams give their performances but are not good enough to win, so its their lead now to have their trophy.