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Unravelling, the champions of 2008! RAJASTHAN ROYALS. Yes, the Rajasthan Royals team made their victory in the first season of the Indian Premier League. Initially, eight teams participated in the tournament. The 2008 season was known as the inaugural season. Rajasthan Royals was the first IPL winning team, but they were sold at the least expensive rate. Even though they won the first season, they are still recognized. But as the least expensive team in that league, and it was $67 million. 

Many of the cricket fanatics and the novices were making bets on the very but “so-called” popular teams. They were already led by the Bollywood biggies as well as big business tycoons. Rajasthan Royals was the first IPL winning team and still were not able to make their space in the most expensive team of IPL, but the team had their fate already written and just smashed onto everyone’s face by winning out the first season of the IPL. They gave a very dreadful loss to the Delhi daredevil’s team. 


The Rajasthan team was playing under the captaincy of Shane Warne, and he uses the mantra of calmness as well as has a knack for dealing with all the pressure situations in the match. This makes him an extra special captain for the team. He changed the game drastically! 

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And with great luck and hard work, the Rajasthan Royals team also made their place in the semi-finals as well. They played in the semi-finals and again defeated the team they defeated in the first match, Delhi daredevils.

Then Rajasthan again won and made their space in the finals as well. They played against the one more strong team of Chennai super kings led by legendary Mahendra Singh Dhoni!

But, Rajasthan Royals made their victory against this team also and what made their win more special was that they gave a “nail-biting finish”. They were on the throne as the winners of the first season of the Indian Premier League. 

They define the statement truly of “underdogs to millionaires” by being the first IPL winning team and making history in the cricket world.


The team is known to be having a good start in the first IPL season, the team did not have some mundane players, but they just turned their match into a victory! Everybody knows Rajasthan Royals chose all the players who were not famous or they were uncapped. 

But now, some players made their full contribution to the matches and made themselves the important assets for the team. They were now talking about some important and successful players of the team. 


He was the player who scored the most runs in the IPL 2008 and also contributed the most for the title of the first IPL winning team. He also took the three wickets in the final match of the IPL and gave his crucial participation in the 56-run innings.

His contribution will always be remembered because he was the one who made the team go on the throne and have the most desired title of the first IPL winning team. This is something very important. 


He has made some great rises in international cricket and is an emerging player who made massive victories. Also, the captain of Rajasthan Royals, Shane Warne, made a statement that this rockstar would shine and go many places. 


He was appreciated and became famous when he was able to score his century in the Indian Premier League. Also, he is known to be the most important and the backbone of team Rajasthan Royals for a major time span. He also scored the third-highest runs in the IPL season of 2018. 


He is a very consistent player in all the IPL seasons and has always worked for Rajasthan Royals as two players. He also did some commendable job in the match of 2008 and was able to make his space in the some of best players in the winning team of IPL 2008.


Making his contribution in the first winning team of IPL, he was also one of the important players for the team. In the year 2019, he made a hat-trick. He made it against the team of Royal challengers Bangalore. 


They said that they would follow the same script they used in the year 2008. It made them the first winning team of IPL. Now, having Steve Smith as the captain for the team, he would lead the team and work the team under his guidance. Also, they would have their new head coach as Andrew Mcdonald.

Before the auction of 19th December, which was held in Kolkata, the team was having their some of the important players with them like, Steve Smith, Sanju Samson, Jos Buttler, Shashank Singh etc. also they underwent a three-day off-season camp which was in Talegaon, and it is near Pune. 

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Now, the team is continuously working for their comeback, which they lost in some of the matches, the team was not able to perform well in many of the matches of the Indian Premier League. They want to come back with their physical as well as technical power. It would make them one of the best teams of IPL again. They are working hard with their players and want to make a strong comeback.

The squad of the team had decided to release Unadkat as well as Thomas.  But then they decided to have them back in the team. They bought the players back for the team. The team has shown incredible performances in many seasons that the fans cannot forget and deny.