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most successful team in IPL


The Indian Premier League is the time of the year for which every cricket fan is waiting. The cricket fan base has a different type of love for the IPL season. There are supporters for other teams and the players in one section only. In IPL history, numerous teams have evolved through the years. But the most popular, beloved, and most successful team in IPL history remains MUMBAI INDIANS. The team has a prosperous amount of fame in the fans, and they go crazy for this team! The IPL has created some history for the teams which have made them the most successful team in IPL history. These teams play well, give an amazing performance and have the title. The IPL title is a huge thing to be achieved.

Let’s have a look at the most successful team in IPL history and the most beloved teams that flourished throughout the years. 


This team has a massive fan following and has gained the maximum number of wins in IPL history. They are known to be the most successful team in IPL history as well. The team has won 4 IPL titles, which is a massive achievement for the team. They have come out as the winner in the years 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019. The team has also shown a fascinating performance towards the IPL game and have proved themselves to be the most successful team in IPL history. An approximate percentage for their winning is 57.30, and that is a great one indeed!


Chennai super kings have proved themselves to be the second most successful team in IPL history.MS DHONI did the captaincy for this team and had some amazing results as well. He is prominent for his captaincy skills, has led his team in the most promising way, and has made his team on the list of most tea. 

The team has won the IPL title for about 3 times and it is a huge achievement. They have made a history by being the runner up in eight seasons. Chennai super kings has won around a total of 100 matches till now. 


This is the flourishing team of the IPL history and made themselves the third most successful team in IPL history. The team have also won the title for IPL two times and have a huge fan following around. Kolkata Knight riders team had some of the consecutive wins in the IPL history and are also famous for winning about 14 matches in a straight row. They also have an excellent percentage for winning, and that is around 51 per cent and have also won 92 games in the IPL history and have been a fantastic performer team in the IPL history. The players of the team are also working towards being the most successful team and want to beat Mumbai Indians. 


This team is known to be on the list of the most successful team in IPL history. The team works hard and want to secure a position on number one. The team is led by one of the best captains that is Shane Watson. He has an excellent captaincy for his team and is a great player who has made his squad reach in the list of the most successful team in IPL history. The team also has an immense fan following as well. The players gave their best performance in the year 2013. The team tends to give the best performance in every season. 


They are the latter team which had replaced the team Deccan chargers Hyderabad. The team works hard in every season of IPL, and they don’t have enough wins, but still, they are well known for their outstanding performance every year. The team is considered in the list of the most successful team. They are also very well-known and favoured by “Orange Army” and have a different fan base for the team. The team won the title in the year 2016. David Warner was the captain of the team at that time. The player is on top list and has millions of hearts. The team was also the runner up in the year 2018 and has performed well. 


All the teams have performed well and have created history by being on the list of a most successful team in IPL history. All the teams tend to practice with their best skills and have a chance to showcase their skills in the IPL matches.

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