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The Indian Premier League has gained its reputation and popularity for nearly 14 years and has an extensive fan following. There have been some 13 teams who play in IPL who play since the year 2008. It was the tournament inception in 2008, and now, if we see, some eight teams play and are indulged in the cash-rich league, which is also gaining its popularity. People wait for the IPL season for the whole year. This IPL season comes as the festive season for the cricket fans, and they genuinely enjoy and support their favourite team. Now, if we see an outer view of the IPL, some teams cannot perform well and are known to be the worst team in IPL season. These teams do not have many fans following now and are not regarded much in the IPL season. They have the lowest percentage in the IPL and have not won many matches in their journey of IPL. 

Then there is one question that which is the worst team in IPL? Who has the lowest wins and the lowest percentage as well? Let’s see!




Preity Zinta is the team’s co-owner, and earlier, it was known to be KINGS XI PUNJAB. The team has shown some satisfactory performances, but still, the team is not having a significant number of wins. Till 2021, the team has played some of 202 matches in the IPL, from which they have lost 107 matches. So the winning percentage is seen to be significantly less now. The team has lost many matches and that too in a row! That is not acceptable in a match like IPL. People watch the matches with utmost enthusiasm and excitement, so showing this type of performance, people will not like this and would not support the team. The winning percentage of the team is only 45.90 per cent which is not acceptable. The team has to gear up and boost up to be in the top teams of the IPL. Undoubtedly, after seeing the team’s winning percentage, it is regarded as the worst team in IPL. There are not many supporters and fans for this team. 


It is evident in history that the team has not performed well in the last some seasons of the IPL. The group was founded in the year 2008, and at that time, it was named DELHI DAREDEVILS. They performed well in their initial years and were able to make their space in some of the best teams of IPL, but gradually, they were unable to mark up and make it a good deal for their team. They only have a winning percentage of 46 per cent which does not make it a good team and stands as one of the worst team in IPL. The team has a dubious history of not even qualifying once for the finals, which is unacceptable for playing in the IPL. The team would get the title of worst team in IPL if it only had a winning percentage of 46 per cent.


One bitter reality of this team is that it has some of the superstar players and the players who are most demanded, like Virat Kohli, AB DE VILLIERS, CHRIS GAYLE. However, they can still not make up with the other teams and do not have an excellent winning percentage for the team. They only have a winning percentage of 48.20 percentage which is not suitable for the team and fans. So many people have their belief and trust in Virat Kohli, but still, they get disappointed and grief with the team’s performance. The team has not won even a single title in IPL and is known to be one of the worst team in IPL. They have come to the finals like three times but never won the title, which is shocking for Virat Kohli’s team. Because of this player, the team has enormous fans, but still, the team is standing as the worst team in IPL.


The team is known to be the inaugural winner for the edition of INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE but could not be stood up with their mark. It is the fourth team to be known if we talk about the worst team in IPL. The reputed player served the captaincy for the team and made the team come into the limelight, but the team has not repeated the history! The team went through many changes in their set-up and so many significant changes which troubled the team. There is no type of consistency in the team, and because of that, the team’s performance has gone severely down. The winning percentage for the team is only 50.60 per cent, which is low. By having only this much winning percentage, undoubtedly, the team comes in the worst team in IPL. People support it but not that much now!


Shahrukh Khan is the team’s co-owner, and the team tries to give their best performance in the matches but clearly, fails! It is the team that had a very slow and steady-going in the IPL. They played well from the years 2008 to 2011. They won two titles in the IPL but could not remain up to the mark. The team is very inconsistent and is not doing well in any season now. By having a winning percentage of only 50.70, the team also stands as the worst team in IPL. People do not support much for this team now because somehow it has made its name in the list of worst team in IPL. 

They tapered off since the year 2014 and could not make a comeback till now!

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So these are some of the team which have their position in the worst team in IPL. The teams have not given their best for a long time, and that is why now they are known to be the worst team in IPL. They have to make a significant comeback to be one of the best teams in IPL! They need to boost up again and have to give their best performance to make their journey outstanding again! They need to have specific strategies to make their winning percentage go high again and get rid of the list of worst team in IPL.