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Which Team Has Won Most Matches In IPL

Which Team Has Won Most Matches In IPL

Which team has won most matches in ipl: Victories and defeats don’t matter as you always gain experience. If you follow this ideology, then turn off your TV and stop watching IPL, because here at the Indian Premier League, the adrenaline-filled players gushing with under pressure rage and sheer focus either play to win or try very hard not to lose. 

The fantasy of IPL is so large that other than the 13 players who are on the field, the whole stadium plays the match, makes runs, gets sad on getting out, and celebrates on a boundary. It’s so hard to miss a delivery, not for the bowler but for the spectators too. The matches are stuffed with so much thrilling excitement that your fingers stop midway with popcorn just to see which way will the ball spin. You’re imagining it now, aren’t you?

Which Team Has Won Most Matches In IPL

A lot of questions also pop up in our mind while watching these breathtaking encounters like which team has won most matches in IPL. Today, we will answer this question along with relevant information regarding your favorite tournament that will surely amaze you. 

Which team has won most matches in IPL?

So, the team who has the pleasure of dancing with the crowd most of the time is none other than the 4 times winners as well as defending champions, Mumbai Indians. MI is the team that has won the most matches in IPL. With a winning rate of 57.82%, Mumbai Indians (MI) has played 211 matches out of which they won 122 and lost 85. Mumbai never fails to amaze the world with numbers whether it’s the city or the cricket team owned by Ambani Family.

The list of reasons for this success of Mumbai Indians goes on and on such as the current strongest middle core or the surprise attacks of famous SKY or Trent’s economy of 7.97 or Hardik Pandya’s rare strike rate of 191.42. The team started its journey with the star-studded players’ line-up such as Sachin Tendulkar and Sanath Jayasuriya but they started picking their pace when the core was being filled with all-time performing players. In 2013, Rohit Sharma became the captain alongside bowlers such as Malinga and the debut of Jasprit Bumrah they gave their season-best and battled with CSK to take the trophy home, and in their case, keeping it at home! Sachin also left MI in the same year.

Odd Magic of Odd Number

Nobody doubted MI’s skills, whether it came to batting, bowling, or fielding but the team bloomed a little late considering that IPL started in 2008. The sudden change in team performance in 2013 was odd enough that they continued the streak of winning trophies only in odd years. Mumbai Indians took the silver relic in 2013, 2015, 2017, and 2019, leaving their fans with an algorithm to solve their luck in odd years. But they ended the streak themselves with a blast and won the tournament in 2020 too, making them the all-time champions as well as the team who won most matches in IPL.

The turning point of the odd number was not just limited to the years. As soon as Anil Kumble and John Wright took over the coach roles in 2013, a surge was seen which usually lasted for one season only. In 2015, although they started very tragically, the tragedy ended with the win streak they pulled off by having 9 wins out of the last 10 matches. Mahela Jayawardene resumed the role of head coach in 2017, strengthening the middle core of the team, thus satisfying the bid callers for their wise investment. Along with that, their rivalry with CSK is something that can’t go unnoticed as out of 5, Mumbai Indians let CSK taste the sweet death of defeat in the final 3 times (2013, 2015, and 2019).

Teams in the mirror are closer than they appear

In a nutshell, Mumbai may have been the team that has won most matches in IPL but one missed catch at slip may slip their crown to someone else’s bag. Succeeding Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings are just behind the track with 112 wins in 187 matches giving them the highest win rate of 59.89%. Whew! Man, that’s close. Challenging your rival may burn your bones from the core but watching them getting ahead of you will surely make you cry as Cherrapunji.

No matter what may be the circumstances, Mumbai Indians surely made their way to the top in almost every season. With upcoming national team captain Rohit Sharma as their leader, Kieron Pollard and Trent Boult as their pillars, Hardik Pandya as the all-rounder, and Surya Kumar Yadav as the bombshell, it doesn’t look like they’re gonna give up their ‘odd’ winning streak. All fingers crossed, hopes high, jerseys on, and Misal Pav on the plate, let’s get ready and witness the change (just not in the slogan, damn). With the performance being delivered by Mumbai Indians in the current season also, it can be seen that the answer to the question of which team has won most IPL matches is not going to change anytime soon.

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