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Who Are The Owners of IPL teams Get Complete List Here

Who Are The Owners of IPL teams? Get Complete List Here

Who never had the dream of possessing a printer that prints money? or Who never thought in their childhood about photocopying their currencies? So, you all had these wild thoughts but what if I tell you that that kind of technology has been created. Yes, you heard it right. Those money-making machines are called IPL teams. The biggest carnival of cricket that is held every year has 8 teams competing with bloodlust and cutthroat race for the top of the table as well as to see the end of the month-long journey. But who picks these teams, who selects the players, curates the players for the team as well as for marketing agencies. Let’s talk about the owner of IPL teams:

Owner Of IPL Teams

1) Owner of RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore)

The owner of RCB is the company United Spirits which was once associated with now runaway businessman Vijay Mallya. United Spirits bought the Royal Challengers in 2008 for the bid of USD 111.6 million that transmutes to 485 crores in INR (2008). United Spirits is the world’s second-largest alcohol beverage producing firm and here is the fun fact that despite losing the IPLs or finishing at the bottom of the table, RCB is still printing money for the company. Royal Challengers Bangalore owner and India’s biggest liquor maker earned more than 10 percent of its operating profit in the 2019 financial year. The brand value of King Kohli has outdone the whole team’s performance in the field so that it created a small ripple in the whole ocean of revenue.

Owners of IPL teamsOwners of IPL teams

2) Owner of SRH (SunRisers Hyderabad)

The owner of SRH is the telecom giant of the south, the Sun TV Network. Sun TV bought the franchise for the Hyderabad IPL team in 2012 for 425 crores INR in a bid where they were only two bidders. The franchise income has tripled from FY 2018 to FY 2019 up to 443.91 Cr INR tells us how profitable the team has been for the owner. While the Sunrisers Hyderabad owner, Sun TV donated 30 crores amid the covid waves for the Indians and on the other hand the SRH owner Sun TV network is selling a percentage of its stake in SunRisers Hyderabad. Hard to say, who’s more sure about the future of the team, the fans, or the promoters, all we can say is that it’s all part of the IPL.

3) Owner of RR (Rajasthan Royals)

The proprietor of RR is a group of 4 people. Amisha Hathiramani, Manoj Badale, Lachlan Murdoch, and Shane Warne. Out of these, Amisha Hathiramani’s group Tresco International Ltd holds the majority stake at 44.2%. Rajasthan Royals was co-owned by the Bollywood couple Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra in 2009 until 2015 when Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings were involved in a betting case and banned for 2 years. Being a part of the first 8 and estimated as an underdog team, Rajasthan Royals won the very first IPL trophy under the captaincy of Shane Warne, who’s now a co-owner of Rajasthan Royals. Although the team performs consistently average throughout all the seasons, the brand value of ‘Royals’ is still at large.

4) Owner of DC (Delhi Capitals)

Delhi Capitals owners are the GMR group and JSW group. Originally founded as Delhi Daredevils in 2008. The Delhi Capitals were Delhi Daredevils until 2018 when the owners decide to refurbish the old brand by giving it a new polish of title. Virendra Sehwag was associated with Delhi Daredevils but dropped out due to his performance issues and was never retained which broke the heart of some fans but it’s not like they won with the new team as well. GMR and JSW group both have one thing in common that is infrastructure industry, some wish that they could apply the same ideals to the team as well but who cares when they are getting 65 crores alone in sponsorship deals before the IPL even got started, some can say that’s a good start.

5) Owner of MI (Mumbai Indians)

The owner of Mumbai Indians is none other than the business giant Mukesh Ambani and his wife Neeta Ambani, through their 100% subsidiary IndiaWin Sports. Started as the founder of 8 teams of IPL, Mumbai Indians has not just proved its consistency inside the field but the owners of the team were consistent about their faith in the team as well. In 2017, owners of Mumbai Indians made the team’s first successful franchise to cross the $100 million market value. The first few years were rough for the team and business as well, but under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma, both bloomed and boomed and since it’s always been a big six for the whole franchise.

6) Owner of KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders)

Owner of Kolkata Knight Riders is the King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment in partnership with Juhi Chawla. The team representing Kolkata selected Sourav Ganguly as their icon player and the name is chosen with reference to a popular 1980s American television show ‘Knight Rider’. With the king of Bollywood as the owner and by your side, I don’t think anyone should worry about the branding and market value of the team, that’s what everybody thought before the infamous incident of Shah Rukh Khan at Wankhede Stadium. KKR lifted the cup once in their whole journey in 2012 with a win rate of 70.58% and once a second-highest team in their market value which is now more than 600 crores INR.

7) Owner of PBKS (Punjab Kings)

Once known as Kings XI Punjab, the franchise based in Mohali, Punjab is jointly owned by Preity Zinta, Mohit Burman, Ness Wadia, and Karan Paul. Other than changing the position of ‘kings’ in their title, the team has not been able to change their image or position in IPL that much. Once in 2014, coming as a runner-up and topping the table, the team has not been in playoffs for 12 seasons. Maybe that’s the reason they removed the number from their title, so people couldn’t count their losses from their title. I think the management should learn by now, that some ways should be bent hard and some by 180 degrees to make any outcome at least worthy. Coming to the stadium, won’t help!

8) Owner of CSK (Chennai Super Kings)

Last but not least, the ‘Whistle Podu’ team. Owners of CSK is a group called Chennai Super Kings Cricket Ltd. Originally owned by India Cements, this one of the ‘founder’ teams of IPL has gone through a lot. A lot of wins, a lot of loses, a lot of controversies, a lot of fixing *ahem ahem*, I meant fixating on their goals. To be honest to God, if it wasn’t for the image of MS Dhoni associated with CSK, the team would have been flown away like ashes, not literally. After the Supreme Court’s gavel, few changes were made in the ownership of teams and how they would be handled, as well as the players of the team, and look what we got, 3 times winners of IPL.

So, here we talked about the owners of IPL teams aka the people/group who are responsible for the whole lifecycle of a team/player in IPL. It includes their selection through bidding and then the number of advertisements they will do and that’s it, funny right? But it’s important, ticket fees are not the only thing that makes everything about IPL so majestic. The vibe, the charisma, the enthusiasm, and the hype are never built on small bills and yet here we are worried about who’s costing who more. Go grab a cola and make some popcorn because the owners, players, and teams may come and go, IPL will always be there!

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