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Who has scored most runs in IPL tournament

Who has scored most runs in IPL tournament? Check out the top 5 list here

Brendon McCullum’s thundering innings versus Royal Challengers Bangalore at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium kicked off the Indian Premier League in truly amazing style in 2008. The IPL will always be described as a lively, engaging, and exhilarating tournament of battles and rivalries. The Orange and Purple Cap fostered a fierce clash among many of the best in the league batsmen and bowlers. At the final point of the championship, the player who has scored most runs in IPL tournament wins the Orange Cap.

When we focus on the Indian Premier League, there seems to be no shortfall of boundaries and audacious singles. The IPL has delivered numerous fascinating T20 games for cricket enthusiasts by showing the fantastic journey of a player who has scored most runs in IPL tournament. Over the years, there have been several outstanding individual feats in the continuing version of the cash-rich tournament. Some batsmen have proven to be a cut well above the majority in the IPL’s history by persistently bringing up outstanding scores. This contest has swiftly identified itself as the most popular in cricket’s history.

who has scored most runs in IPL tournament

Who has scored most runs in IPL tournament?

1) Virat Kohli

Since the league’s commencement, the RCB skipper has featured in the Indian T20 competition. When it comes to Indian cricket’s premier batsmen, several players immediately spring to mind. Kohli, a leading player of the modern generation, has been on a run-scoring frenzy for as long as anyone can recollect and is universally recognized as one of the best batsmen of the modern cricketing world.

The IPL figures for Virat Kohli are mind-boggling. The tournament’s most prodigious run-scorer has surfaced as an outstanding hitter. Up to this point, he has registered 195 appearances in the Indian Premier League, gathering 6185 runs. In the IPL, the heartthrob batsman has 5 hundreds and 42 half-centuries to his glory. He stands tall at rank one for the player who has scored most runs in IPL tournament.

2) Shikhar Dhawan

Sourav Ganguly, the Delhi Capitals advisor, designated Shikhar Dhawan “one of the greatest opening batsmen in the world”. He also said that his club was “desperate” to recruit Shikhar after he disembarked Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Shikhar Dhawan, an Indian opening batsman, is the second-greatest batsman in the Indian Premier League franchise and the second player who has scored most runs in IPL tournament. 

He boasts 5627 runs under his credit, including a 35.16 average and a 127.19 economy rate. The year before, he was heavily involved in bringing Delhi Capitals to the finals. Previously, he was a significant component of Sunrisers Hyderabad’s opening combination with David Warner.

3) Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma is a hazardous batsman as he is unpredictable and deploys uncommon strategies. He has secured 5 IPL championships as a skipper, has also performed magnificently as a batter. In 204 innings in the tournament, he has a 31.56 average plus a 130.51 economy rate while collecting 5556 runs. 

The above comprises 1 century and 40 half-centuries, with 109* as his greatest performance. He seems to have been the opener for the Mumbai Indians from 2019. For his outstanding performance, he ranks 3rd as the player who has scored most runs in IPL tournament.

4) Suresh Raina

In the Indian Premier League, Raina has reigned supreme. He’s been a part of the Chennai Super Kings since the league’s inception and has carved out a name for himself in the modern layout. 

Suresh Raina, nicknamed Mr IPL, has lived up to the reputation by performing commendable pretty much from the start of the league. Having 5523 runs in 198 innings through an average of 32.87 and an economy rate of 136.91, he is the third-highest run generator. 

During the first half of the season, the flamboyant batsman looked very impressive. He’ll play a very important role in CSK’s middle order, and we hope that he climbs up the ladder to be the player who has scored most runs in IPL tournament.

5) David Warner

The Aussie batsman is one of the best in the tournament. Several of the game’s superstars have commended his approach. He’s played for a variety of teams over the years, but his talent is still top-notch.

David Warner, the former commander of Sunrisers Hyderabad, is the prominent run producer among foreign players in the Indian Premier League and has the fifth-best overall record. Through 150 innings, he owns 5449 runs at an average of 41.59 with an economy rate of 139.96.

This far into the competition, he possesses 4 centuries and 50 half-centuries. Warner had a disappointing 1st-half performance and was even yanked from the matchday squad. As a consequence, he has much more to demonstrate in the UAE round. We are going to keep our fingers crossed and hope that he surfaces to be the player who has scored most runs in IPL tournament 2021.

IPL is the Indian Premier League and is one of the biggest leagues around the globe. It’s the biggest platform for upcoming talents and to come together as a team. It’s an opportunity for all to prove themselves. We’ve all seen the way batsmen in the league go haywire when it comes to destroying the bowling lineup as and when required. The stage is set and we’re all anticipating a lot of rain fire from the leading batsmen upon the best bowling lineups. Needless to say, we’re even more excited to find out who’d be the player who has scored most runs in IPL tournament 2021.

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