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Baap of IPL


The title “baap of ipl” means which team has been given the title for the godfather of the IPL. 8 teams play in the Indian Premier League and some teams have won the title many times. The most popular teams for winning the IPL trophy are Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, and then Kolkata knight riders. But, the godfather or the Baap of IPL remains the team of Mumbai Indians. They are known for winning the title multiple times and no doubt the team never fails to give a heart-throbbing performance every time. 


The team always had a huge fan base among all the teams of IPL. Also the team had some legendary players like Sachin Tendulkar, Zaheer Khan, Harbhajan Singh, and some others as well. The team is a star-studded IPL team in the starting years of the Indian Premier League. They were not consistent enough to get the trophy. But after the year 2011, the team had their fate changed and they were becoming the most successful team of IPL, gradually. 

Baap of IPL

From that time, they have won the title of Indian Premier League five times, and undoubtedly, they deserve the title of “Baap of IPL”. The main rival of the team always remained the team of MS Dhoni, Chennai Super Kings. However, Chennai Super Kings should also be applauded for their performance in every season. The team has never failed to disappoint their fans and has always given tough competition to the team. 

Mumbai Indians won five of the matches, out of six matches played. On the other hand, the team of Chennai Super Kings has won only three times and has played eight times. Both the teams had their bars raised always according to their superior performances. But undoubtedly, the title of “Baap of IPL” remains with the team of Mumbai Indians. 


The team has its true sense of dominance in the field. They don’t give the chance to the other team to have the lead for almost 10 years of the Indian Premier League. Most teams came at the start of the IPL, and just showed their phase of dominance but the Baap of IPL came and spread its throne right there in the field. All of the teams also showed some great performances but still, there is only one godfather in the ground. 

No one is still able to break the records of MS Dhoni as well as Rohit Sharma. These two are known to be the most consistent players and have shown their consistency as well as some of the prominent performances in every season of the Indian Premier League. 

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The team should always be having a good captain, that is the first step to winning any match. Till the time Rohit Sharma did not have the captaincy for the team of Mumbai Indians they never won and were not able to compete or give their tough competition to the team of Chennai Super Kings. They were just a normal team who could not compete with the most powerful team of the Indian Premier League. People just followed the team of Chennai and did not see much about the other teams. After some time gradually and slowly, Mumbai Indians showed their colors and just smashed the grounds with some of the best performances. And evidently, they became the baap of IPL. 


The team won their first match in the year 2013. At that time they were competing with Chennai super kings and the Mumbai team took the victory by 23 runs. Then they again won in the year 2015, again the opponent team was Chennai Super kings and at that time they won by 41 runs. Then the team won in the year 2017, then 2019, and then the season of 2020!  The team always blasted and always gave happiness to their loyal fans. Now it is very much evident for everyone, they deserve the title of baap of IPL. 


As we can see in the Baap of IPL, Mumbai Indians have just made their throne in the Indian Premier League and no team has till now broken their record. They are still standing firm at the number one position. No team could make them down till now! The team has experienced different wins with different teams. It

could give major rivalry to every team in the IPL season. They have not achieved the title of Baap of IPL just from anywhere, they took all the chances and made their audience happy, and then achieved the title with full grace!